Accelerated Business Growth Coaching With Bradley

Bradley Chapman is an experienced business coach, published author, inspirational public speaker, broadcaster, journalist and accelerated growth coach.  Bradley’s business coaching services are quite unique. He has over 30 years of high growth business expertise and experience under his belt. Often referred to as “One of the most Highly Motivated and Intuitive Business Coaches in the UK”. Bradley is a knowledgeable, animated, inspiring and motivational business coach. Bradley not only coaches his clients to achieve accelerated growth but for certain clients he will actually come in to your business and act as an interim for you, where you do not have the necessary skills available within your business and help you to create, implement and execute your business strategy, grow your team and increase your overall company revenue and GP.

Tapping in to Bradley’s business knowledge and entrepreneurial ability is a key and essential resource for CEO’S, MD’s and business owners that are facing a roadblock in their business or whom are struggling to take their business to the next level. Everybody needs a coach to talk to to strategise with and above all to be able to help you develop yourself and your teams and your business in order to execute an accelerated business growth program. Bradley also coaches directors that are facing or have faced personal and business adversity, helping them to rebuild their confidence, trust and faith and in the process restoring their business flair, passion ability to get back up with a renewed DIAMOND MINDSET.



About The Diamond Experience.

Do you feel that you could accomplish more in your life and your business but something or someone is holding you back?  Do you feel that you know that you could achieve a greater level of success in your business and life but there is a block on what you think that you know and what your inner voice tells tells you that you could achieve?

Everyone has a Diamond inside themselves. I help you to discover your Diamond and encourage and support you to shape it and polish it  into the brightest Diamond that is you. In order to find your Rough Diamond your journey starts with you. Once you realise that your Diamond is waiting right beneath your feet, you will pick it up and at first it will look like a piece of coal. So many people have not been able to identify the coal and more importantly the Diamond that is contained within it. You will flourish, your business will flourish and all that you once thought was impossible will become possible.

You are a Diamond and you may not know it yet but you are. You are the Brightest Shining Diamond in the World. The Diamond Experience is your journey of change, your journey of discovery, your transformation from coal to a Brilliant Diamond that is you.

Motivational Speaking for Events, Companies and Business Networks

Bradley has been delivering inspirational and motivational business talks in seminars, network events, within businesses and on stage at venues such as The British Library, Kent 2020, The Business Startup Show, Radio Works and Make The News London. Bradley has a uniquely inspiring ability to lift any audience instantly. His insight into business and leading an inspired and fulling life is compelling, leaving you take action immediately achieving Diamond results in your life and business. Bradley has over 30 years of business and public speaking experience and will leave you team, event visitors and members hanging off their seats wanting more. Over the years Bradley has been called “The Motivator” and he delivers his inspiring talks across the UK. Booking Bradley for your business, events and seminars will leave your audience talking for days. Find out more and book Bradley to guarantee the motivational uplift that your event needs.

Business Strategy and Accelerated Growth Consultant

Bradley works with clients in the UK, US and Worldwide consulting on their personal development and business growth strategies. With over 30 years UK and International business experience across multiple business sectors and verticals Bradley delivers amazing consulting power to you and your business for short medium and long term growth. He works with clients that wish to achieve accelerated business growth through structured engagement and execution strategies proven over time. Bradley’s extensive commercial knowledge combined with his intuitive and unique ability to strategise and bring business owners  and their teams closer together to achieving a great level of productivity and increased GP. Bradley is available for consulting work which can be arranged online, face to face or by physical engagement in your business.

Join Bradley at The Diamond Experience Business Network

Join Bradley and his guests at the launch of The Diamond Experience Business Networking Group in Chelmsford on the Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 6.30pm. The Diamond Experience Business Network has been created for CEO’s, MD’s Startup and Experienced Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Our inspired and unique group meets every other Wednesday in Chelmsford for a evening of personal and business development topics as well business networking, public speaking, speed networking and of course our 3 Diamond Business Speakers. This is a business networking event like no other. The Diamond Experience will help you, your team and your business grow and develop like never before.

Diamond Experience Programs.

Bradley has created a wide range of programs within The Diamond Experience. Bradley’s programs cover personal development and business growth on a one to one or group basis. The Diamond Experience programs are based around accelerated personal and business growth for individuals teams, senior level management, CEO’s and MD’s of startup and high growth companies. Full bespoke programs are also available to suit your exact requirements to achieve accelerated business growth.

Bradley's Inspirational and Educational Business Books

Get up Show up Shine up Discover The Diamond Within is a motivational and inspirational book of entrepreneurship and what it takes to succeed in business. Bradley’s shares his real life stories within his transformational life and business book. The book is must read for any entrepreneur starting out in business. The book is also an exciting and educational read for CEO’s and Managing Directors that understand the risks and rewards they feel and experience along their business journey. The Chapters in Bradley’s book are based around the word D.I.A.M.O.N.D and cover Destiny, Identity, Attitude, Mindset, Opportunity, Never Giving up and Delivery.  Grab your copy today!

Get up Show up Shine up Discover The Diamond Within is Bradley’s first book in a series of seven books that are due to published over the next 18 months. His second title The Diamond Experience and Entrepreneurs Journey is due to be published in November 2017. The book is based around a character called The Diamond Maker and  contains inspired interviews with leading entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

The Diamond Show

The Diamond Show and The Diamond Experience Show are both broadcast on Facebook. The Diamond Show is broadcasted on Radio WORKS News platform and the Diamond Experience Show is broadcast on Bradley’s own Diamond Experience Facebook page.  Bradley interview inspirational and motivational entrepreneurs, business owners authors and public speakers from around the World. Bradley’s engaging and passionate interview style has attracted high profile entrepreneur interview into his life suck as David Gold, Richard Farleigh, Jacqueline Gold, Levi Roots, Charlie Mullins, Major James Hewitt, Brad Sugars and Phil Hall as well as everyday business owners and entrepreneurs across the world.  Over recent weeks Bradley has delivered interview with entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and  India. Bradley’s Diamond Show and The Diamond Experience Show broadcasts plan to interview entrepreneurs in every country around the World.

Diamond Experience Events.

The Diamond Experience Business Events have been created by Bradley using his 30 year UK and International business career experience to deliver his Inspired Discover The Diamond Within Programs. His business networking and live events inspire you to discover your very own diamond within and in the process motivates you to make the necessary changes in the way that you think, act and deliver in your business. Bradley’s style is totally unique, engaging and your takeaway value is instant. You will become positively inspired to move your business forward at a great pace with amazing results. Bradley also works closely with his publishers Radio WORKS World and is privileged to be a part of their amazing events, radio broadcasting shows, coaching programs and publishing businesses.


Book Your Diamond Discovery Call With Bradley.

Do you feel that your are being held back? Struggling to move your business forward? Do you realise that developing yourself is the only way to enjoy an abundant life? If you do then you are at the start of Discovering The Diamond Within You. When we accept that only ourselves holds us back from moving forward you will be ready to discover your diamond. It is then that we work on your Destiny, Identity, Attitude and Altitude, Mindset, Opportunity, Never Giving up and Delivery of your Diamond Experience. I am Bradley Chapman and I am the Diamond Maker. I love life and I love people. My life’s experiences and my attitude is the KING OF DIAMONDS. It wasn’t always that way once I held a piece of coal in my hand and threw it away and i didn’t realise that my Diamond was inside it…. You are a Diamond.. Book your discovery call and we will turn you from coal to Diamond. This is the Diamond Experience
September 2017

Would You Like to Discover The Diamond Within You and in the Process Experience a Life Changing Sequence of Events?

Can you imagine what you will achieve when you surround yourself with people who only lift you higher – Everything that you could possibly dream of!