2008 – The Making of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs start out with a big dream, a goal and a vision of what they hope to achieve or become. We all do it because deep inside us we have a burning desire to go it alone. Many of us have given up well paid jobs and a secure lifestyle to risk everything that we have in order to achieve our visions. I, like many others did this some time ago. I have learned so many things over the years and one constant remains throughout every Entrepreneurs journey toward success.


There is a very simple solution to reducing the amount of mistakes that we make and that is to form a collaboration of Entrepreneurs who have the minerals coupled with the courage and conviction to tell others about these mistakes which helps other people from making the same mistake.


Each Entrepreneurs journey starts out the same. A great idea, limited budget, hours upon hours of work, most of which unpaid, sacrifice and a bucket load of stress.

  1. An Entrepreneur starts out with an idea- the most exciting stage.
  2. You start to put this idea into practice
  3. Your knowledge is limited
  4. You have to build a trusted supplier/ services network – not knowing who you can trust
  5. You do not have all the knowledge you need at this stage to overcome all challenges you face
  6. You make costly mistakes and silly errors due to not knowing the correct way to do something
  7. You launch your product and you are so proud
  8. You start to grow your business
  9. You face all the costs that you forgot to include in your plan
  10. You did not realise how lonely being an Entrepreneur is
  11. You feel that no one understands you or your business and they just cannot see what you see
  12. You feel frustrated that you cannot move quickly enough
  13. Your stress levels increase every day
  14. You may have given credit and some one you supplied goes bust owing you thousand of pounds
  15. Your cash flow becomes very tight
  16. You have to secure further finances
  17. Your family life suffers
  18. You start to doubt if you can be successful
  19. You realise that this is harder t than you first though
  20. You wanted to be an Entrepreneur and now you start thinking about that easy job you used to have
  21. You do not want to go back to normal work because you are now the master of your own destiny
  22. You control what you do and how you do it
  23. You have an idea and you can do it instantly
  24. You do not have enough money coming in
  25. You realise that you have not seen your family enough
  26. You start to feel totally alone and no one can feel your pain
  27. You talk honestly about what you are really doing to no one
  28. You start to think that actually you cannot do it
  29. You may at this stage have given up the ghost
  30. You could be facing liquidation and even personal bankruptcy

I would guess that 90% of Entrepreneurs that started out with an idea that tried to build a business from an idea failed because they had limited knowledge and you cannot just plug yourself into the mains an upload the information like Keanu Reeves in “THE MATRIX”.

I gave everything up to follow through with an idea that would help Entrepreneurs success rate improve dramatically. I drove away from a high profile corporate role after loosing everything that i had, I went into bankruptcy and then started once again with nothing- but i did have one thing, the thing that i always have had in my heart,  my mind and my soul! I WANTED TO HELP ENTREPRENEURS!

My idea was to create a business where entrepreneurs could come and talk frankly about who they and what they are trying to achieve and ask for and give feedback that would help us all improve our chances of success.  I have been through all the steps above and many more and I’m still trying to achieve my dream and as long as i have the air in my lungs i will not stop.

I started work on my idea last September and i have worked for no income, I am bankrupt, my heart in still in tatters, my mind is still awash with my past actions and i am now stuck between nearly doing the thing i always dreamed of whilst still carrying the huge burden of guilt, pain and anxiety – thinking to myself “Oh my God what has happened to my life”

My idea is called Million Impossible PLC and the web site address is www.millionimpossible.com. On Monday i am going to tell you not only who i am but i am going to start to talk to you all about my actual events in my life. I am going to tell you why i decided to go in bankruptcy, give up everything and then give my idea to an investment team that became the board of Directors of the company that would make all the decisions on the business. I am doing this for one reason only. To help my fellow entrepreneurs to understand one thing.


Don’t Every give in no matter what you face! If you believe you can do it, YOU WILL?

Kind Regards
The Unknown Entrepreneur

Born 24th May 1970
Age: 37
Children: 2
Star Sign: Gemini
Religion: Church of England
Religious Beliefs: He’s up there
Great Success: My Two Girls
Defining Moment in my life: Right now

Business Experience: Start up to IPO

Sectors: Retail, Wholesale, Mail Order, Fast Food, Import, Export, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Web Design, Advertising, Stationary, Home Improvements, Credit Risk Assessment, Promotions and Branding, Recruitment, Magazine publishing, Business Networking, Telecoms, Mobile Phones, Stock Exchange, Directory management, Printing, Embroidery, Textile Printing, Textile manufacturing, Business Start ups and company formation, Fabric buying.





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