2008-The Unknown Entrepreneur – Just the Beginning!

Good Morning Entrepreneurs and Readers

My name is Bradley Chapman and today is the 12th May and it is two weeks until my 38th Birthday. I am The Unknown Entrepreneur. I came up with the idea for and created Million Impossible against all the odds and also being bankrupt. I have given up everything to help UK Entrepreneurs unite together and create strength in numbers.

If all our members find the courage to talk to each other in a raw and honest state then we will all learn from each other. If they do not find the courage then we will not. I will face criticism and of course  I will be judged by many, but if my honesty helps Entrepreneurs then i will have succeeded.

During late 2006 and 2007 I went through what was the most painful time in my life with my finances and my personal life in tatters. I had two choices, either go back into the corporate world and take a six figure + job which would have resolved all of my problems or go into bankruptcy and be left with absolutely nothing owning just the clothes on my back.

I decided that enough was enough, that too many Entrepreneurs had failed because they did not have all the knowledge, skills and experience to make it through the challenging path to achieve success. I decided that if i could start with absolutely nothing and become successful once more that it would help other people who are in or have been in my position. Any one can go from Rags to riches even when you have nothing – this is my story!

At the age of 37 I started my life’s dream of creating something that would help people in business and perhaps just perhaps help them in making their business journey just that bit easier. I was bankrupt and could not start or run my own company, so i gave my idea away to 5 investors who subsequently became the Board of Directors at Million Impossible.

I used all of my 37 years of knowledge and ability to pull together what is now www.millionimpossible.com. The idea was simple and that was – To build a web site that was honest, raw and open. A web site where entrepreneurs and people in business could talk, discuss, share and help each other. The more people that joined then the stronger we would all become. 

I hoped that Million Impossible’s web site would develop very differently compared to the usual corporate happy clappy “Look at me” based networking Site’s that currently exist. There was only one problem!


I am going to share my Journey with you on the Unknown Entrepreneurs Blog. I am going to share with you what i had to do get Million Impossible off the ground. The restrictions and criticism that i face being a bankrupt. The slander and libelous comments that were made by a competitor who tried to stop Million Impossible going ahead. The insolvency people and how they viewed my involvement with Million Impossible as well as the personal challenges that i am facing every day and the courage, drive, belief, pain and innovation to get Million Impossible this far.

My initial thanks go to the wonderful investors and family who provided the money, the guidance, the faith and corporate structure to enable Million Impossible to be created in the first place- they are the board of directors.

There are also two very important people at Million Impossible who have been with the Board since the start- Heidi Weir and Colin Stroud…. You are my rocks of support…. I love you both and thank you! The road has been bumpy and we have made our fair share of mistake in forming the business. We have learned from our mistakes…We have a long way to go but just for one minute lets look back and see what we achieved in just 6 months.

We have created a Business and Entrepreneur networking website www.millionimpossible.com that is getting used more and more every day. We have built a FREE to advertise online business directory www.businesssourcer.com where all UK businesses can advertise free and we have also created www.numbersourcer.com which offers over 7 million searchable telecoms numbers for businesses starting from £99+ Vat for Life.

We have created something very special for all UK businesses in the short time that we have been live- Thank you both for all your hard work. You really are very special people indeed!

From today – I write in my blog as myself, I hope that you enjoy the reading it.

Regards and Best Wishes

Bradley Chapman