2008- Clear Decisive Leadership “Cause and Effect”

They say that in the absence of a leader any man who stands up will be listened to. So what makes some leaders Inspirational whilst others stutter, flounder and fail to impress their audience and leave such little impact?

I believe that decision making is the most import aspect of being a leader. If are a true leader of people then you have to make decisions and some may have a negative impact on your business or organisation. It takes courage, strength and a very strong will not only to make the decisions a leader has to make but more so dealing with the situations or aftermath that arises from making those decisions.

Every ship leaves a wake and most captains can tell by their wake whether they need to adjust their trim. Some leaders are making key decisions without checking what impact their decisions will have and this is having a disastrous effect on businesses globally..

Although in a small way our business Million Impossible Plc is creating a network of business not just in the UK but lately members have joined from America, China, Singapore, Australia. The main purpose of  the business for members to join together and unite together to support each other and use a united strength to help protect each other in the leadership decisions that we have to make.

Million Impossible already a large number of members in the business coaching arena ranging from experienced Fast Track 100 business coaches such as Emma Thompson www.emmathompson.me.uk through to Stephen Harvard Davis www.assimilating-talent.com but is this enough to help our aspiring Entrepreneurs? Well i do not think so.

You can teach someone “Cause and Effect” but you cannot teach them gut instinct, as i feel this is born in you and you either have it or your don’t! If you don’t then Million Impossible can help you and you in turn can help other members that maybe do not possess your core skills..

Million Impossible is free to join and you can do this now by clicking on www.millionimpossible.com . We hope that our dream of people uniting together will soon become a reality, however like any idea it starts with what we call “FIRE STARTERS” and the first tranche of 500 members that joined Million Impossible are the leaders who have made the decision to join our network and who realise that what we are trying to create will not only benefit our members but will no doubt help their businesses grow….

As a leader can you honestly say that you have made all the decisions today that you needed to make. Well if you are anything like me then you probably sat up into the wee hours last night deliberating and researching and understanding more about the decisions that you needed to make today. Well there were numerous decisions that i had to make last night and i will now share some of these with you. (for those who do not know me these may seem a bit strange)

  1. Should we create a second web site to offer memorable numbers and offer free minutes as part of the package – this process is not as transparent as what we have now www.numbersourcer.com
  2. Should i be really honest on my blog and tell you true thoughts? Well I’m getting there
  3. We move premises in one weeks time and need 4 more staff but can my existing team handle the growth?
  4. I place a large amount of pressure on my existing team, have they realised that i do this to test their ability to perform under continued pressure
  5. With www.millionimpossible.com should we make it a totally free member based proposition?
  6. I have to change accountants but which one?
  7. My board of directors seem to be divided- I have to get them to all point in the same direction
  8. We have to get all of our sites SEO optimised and its going to cost but equally we need an internal server – which one do we do first?

Here is a leadership questionnaire that i found on the net which may be of use to you. Give it to your staff so that you can see what they think of your leadership skills.


Please rate the individual’s performance using the scale shown below. Try to make their
strengths and development needs really stand out.
1 = Strongly Disagree
2 = Disagree
3 = Tend to disagree
4 = Tend to agree
5 = Agree
6 = Strongly agree
N = Not rated / Insufficient knowledge of the job

Leadership – Establishing Direction and Purpose
 develops effective strategy to meet broad organisational objectives
 provides others with a clear view of how they contribute to the organisations goals
 motivates others to achieve and stretch performance
 adapts their leadership style to get the best out of different people
 creates and sustains a positive team spirit
Commercial and Customer Focus (Customers Are Internal And/Or External)
 shows a clear understanding of the commercial priorities of the organisation and
focuses activity on them
 continually identifies and explores commercial / business opportunities
 anticipates and seeks to understand customer needs
 develops a customer focused ethos in the areas for which they are responsible
 ensures customer needs and expectations are met as fully as possible
Working with Others
 promotes co-operative working across internal boundaries
 actively listens to other’s contributions and views
 treats people fairly and consistently
 displays sensitivity to the feelings of others
 resolves conflicts effectively – regularly achieve “win-win” outcomes
Achieving Results : Getting Things Done
 ensures policy and strategy are effectively implemented
 prioritise key objectives and focuses activity on them
 effectively allocates available resources (e.g. time, people, money)
 monitors and reviews progress against agreed objectives
 delivers what they promise
Influencing and Communicating
 demonstrates a clear understanding of others’ perspectives
 ensures “no surprises” by timely and adequate communication
 identifies causes of resistance to new ideas and finds ways to overcome them
 wins people over to his/her ideas
 speaks with authority and confidence to any audience
Promoting & Managing Change
 identifies strategic opportunities for change in the business
 communicates the benefits of change convincingly to others
 responds promptly and positively to changing demands and circumstances
 creates an environment in which new ideas are encouraged and worked with
 challenges existing practices to seek better ways of doing things


Bradley Chapman




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