2008- People only see what they see and what they think they see and somewhere in between is the truth

Bradley Chapman - Rising from the AshesSaturday 24th May was my 38th Birthday. I had dinner with family and friends at Down Hall Hotel in Hatfield Heath. I have been contemplating for a long time, in fact nearly two years. It has been nearly two years on from what i call D-Day, the day my life changed forever, a day from which i knew that i would never be the same man again.

The once fearless, courageous, stop at nothing man that i was is now just a glimmer in my imagination. When i look back at my courage and strength as well as my drive to succeed I realise just how talented i was…… it hurts so deeply when you realise that you did it for the wrong person.

Sometimes being a strong minded and strong willed individual can in fact cause you so much emotional pain and scaring that you may never find that former inner character that you once had, but then again thats why we have a wonderful thing called Mourning..It gives us time to heal !!!!!!!

To love unconditionally, what a beautiful thing. Sometimes when love stares you in the face it can take some 20 years of passing before you realise with a different swing of a golf club you could have hit a hole in one much earlier !

I thought that by creating Million Impossible, it would heal me and my journey would become easier – how wrong i was……

  • Before i could even launch Mi i had no choice but to go into bankruptcy. You could not start from a more embarrassing, pride hitting position
  • I lost everything that i ever owned and was swindled by a very deceptive person
  • I had just the clothes on my back and a loving family
  • I could not be the MD of my own business idea
  • I could not get the financial backing to fund the idea (who really trusts a bankrupt). We could not compete with other heavily invested business networks
  • I did finally raised enough capital to get a prehistoric phase one website launched (Nov 2007)
  • My ex employer launched a hate campaign on consumer websites trying to bring the business down. There was nothing that we could do to stop it. It was awful but we fought through it as good overcomes evil.
  • We tried to break a Guinness World Record that Guinness could not qualify (although we broke the UK record). We had to stop our global attempt to build the largest globally owned enterprise. Now someone is trying to do it in Singapore!
  • If members chose we appointed them as Directors and offered them shares in the business. The concept was fantastic but it was not the right thing to do. Our due diligence should have been better and it just provided my ex employer more ammunition to try to halt our business through making false allegations (he has since gone bust for the second time owing Millions- Shame!). He said things like we were crooks and ran a share dealing shop in Spain. That i was bankrupt and was running a PLC – despite that fact that we had 6 board directors including Fatima Whitbread MBE. He also wrote to the FSA and to BERR anonymously to create an investigation into our operations. What an arsehole you are Mr DC aka Hilliard AKA happycamper AKA Bullshitting Liar with balls the size of raisins . Hopefully now that you have gone bust for the second time you will realise that there is a thing called Karma!
  • I broke my hand a compound fracture and underwent 4 hours (while being awake) of surgery having  wires put in my hand to hold it together, but drove to work the next day and carried on building Million Impossible.
  • I refracted my hand two weeks later and had the wires pulled out then fully plastered (that was PAINFUL)
  • The business centre where we are about to move from received complaints from other tenants because we are too noisy hence about to move
  • BERR did come in to talk to us and went through every operational procedure, bank statements, telesales scripts, interviewed all directors due to the anonymous complaint
  • My mother has been ill with a heart condition but still stands by me every day
  • My father is disappointed with my past personal relationship but continues to stand by me every day
  • We had no money to market the business, we could pay for advertising, we could not afford SEO for all our websites
  • We have worked day and night 7 days a weeks since last September for nothing to little pay
  • We have lived on bread and butter
  • The stress and pressure felt every day by the team is immense but do you know what


Sometimes Heroes Wear a Mask




Since www.millionimpossible.com launched during November 2007 we have fought to the death for Business Under Dogs Worldwide to prove that even if you are bankrupt, have lost everything including your heart you can rise and reach your dreams- Never Give In Never Give In !!!

Since we started we have:—–

  • Overcome adversity
  • Beaten back competitors who tried to stop our business from going forward
  • Created a now globally talked about web site
  • We have 600 Entrepreneurs who have joined Million Impossible because they know together we are stronger, together we are united, together we are one!
  • We have 4 operational revenue generating websites built and created with limited capital and big hearts
  • www.businesssourcer.com – a free to advertise UK based business internet directory
  • www.millionimpossible.com – Raw and personal Entrepreneur Networking website with circa 600 members and growing every day
  • www.numbersourcer.com – 7 million searchable memorable numbers from 0800 to 0845 after a one off fee are owned for life. We believe the cheapest and best value in the UK with numbers starting from £99+ vat with full online control panel
  • www.billionimpossible.com – We aim to launch in the USA in the near future
  • www.carsourcer.com– launching soon (we don’t want to tell our competitors what we are doing but it’s going to be the start of something that rock the global advertising world
  • Million Impossible stage two web site went live in April 2008, with stage three launch planned for late 2008…. Million Impossible will make Entrepreneurs “Dreams a Reality”
  • Faced constant criticism from our board of directors and at one point they wanted to close the business. But we persevered and now we have turned a corner and our momentum is growing faster and faster
  • We still cannot afford SEO, and still raise our sites visibility by linking and blogging.. We are ranked 3 and 4 by Google
  • We have been written about many countries around the world
  • We have members in china, India, Australia, Singapore and of course our Beloved USA market
  • We have been contacted by an American TV producer
  • We have been written about by the American Institute of Leadership

We are proud, we are driven and we will help and encourage entrepreneurs to be raw and honest about their failures as well as their success and together we will become a united entrepreneur network that has been created for the people with the people to help the people

Dreams to Reality using Strength In Numbers

Best Wishes to you all

Regards from the heart and soul of limited capital Global Enterprise in the making

Bradley Chapman – Founder Million Impossible
Simon Clarke – Director & Co Founder
Heidi Weir – Director & Co Founder
John Blewitt – Director & Co Founder
Frank Crossley – Director & Co Founder
John Chapman – Director & Co Founder
Colin Stroud – Director & Co Founder

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