2008- Courage Under Fire, Making Important Business Decisions

Hi Everyone

I thought that i would let you know where the business currently stands. We started the business last November as you know with very limited capital and we are now approaching 1000 Entrepreneur members. The network is growing and our members have started to talk to each other and share their ideas as well discussing their joys and despairs. 

We have decided that during the “Credit Crunch” period that of course business is tough and we have two choices. Stay as we are and keep moving along very slowly or take on more sales staff to increase our revenues. We have decide to take on more staff and as from Monday we will start 4 more sales staff.

The new staff will increase morale, increase the buzz in the office and more importantly provide us with surplus cash so that we can move the business forward. It is a big decision and we are very much looking forward to a favorable outcome.

Of course we could fail and many business are in very similar situations where they are having to make important business decision that may well determine the future direction that their business takes.

Million Impossible is our main website www.millionimpossible.com and we hope that we will acquire 1,000,000 members within the next 12 months and become the UK’s leading Business Network for honest Entrepreneurs who have to courage to talk about their challenges.

We feel that so many business networks talk only about success at Million Impossible we want our members to feel that they can talk to someone else about their challenges so that everyone can benefit not only from our collective successes but also our collective mistakes. We now have members in the USA, England, Scotland, India, Australia, Singapore amongst others.

Join us now and help us build the Strongest Entrepreneur network in the world.. Membership is free and you can register now at www.millionimpossible.com.

You Don’t have to have a badge on your sleeve to have honour!

Regards Bradley Chapman