Million Impossible increases Google Page Ranks

Over the week our web site Million Impossible and The Unknown Entrepreneur has received more pages being ranked by Google Page Rank.

As you know Google ranks web site for importance, relevance and Links from 0 – 10 ten being the highest. Google Rank 4 Google Rank 3 – Google Rank 3 – Google Rank 5

Although we launched the test site for Million Impossible during November 2007, during which time our homepage received a rank of 3, we did not actually launch our stage two website until April 2008.

As a business we are trying to show that you can grow a business organically and receive a decent page rank over time. Since inception we have had very limited funds to grow the business, which is not unlike many businesses that are at start up stage.

The only thing that we are struggling with still is our forum, which sits in an I Frame. Our web developer changed the way that the page is seen a week ago and we should start to see the benefits very shortly.

On a final note, we are moving the site forward with limited capital and limited resources but on reflection we are all so proud to have achieved what we have during the last 9 months and one thing comes to mind – NEVER GIVE IN FIGHTING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN.

Well done to Heidi, Colin and Mike for all of your hard on getting us this far!

Regards Bradley