Million Impossible to integrate LIVE CHAT networking function

We are about to embark upon the integration of our Live Chat functionality for our web site . Fully subscribed members will shortly be able to communicate live and instantly as well as chatting in our online community.

Fully subscribed Million Impossible members can currently search through the hundreds of members email addresses, web address and contact numbers via the member database. Whether you’re looking to give advice, offer advice, seek to buy your products and services more cost effectively or indeed you are looking to promote you business and increase sales the member database give you multiple benefits as a fully subscribed member.

The new live chat function which is due to be live Mid-End August will move our member proposition to the next level in online networking. Our lives chat function will serve two purposes

(1) You will be able to instant message any online member and talk privately

(2) You will be able to chat in our Million Impossible online Entrepreneur community

We have sourced one of the worlds leading chat and community specialist providers who have worked on the Myspace live chat system.

This fantastic move will not only bring our Entrepreneur Business community closer together but will also allow high speed communication for Entrepreneurs who need immediate answers or who have a need to engage other Million Impossible Entrepreneur members with easy and accuracy.

Although we are a young network and have built our sites with limited funding, we are starting to prove that during a recession and worsening financial climate that our Entrepreneur members are in fact realising that by coming together we are all growing stronger, wiser and above all that honesty in sharing successes as well as mistakes is vitally important if we are as a community going to help protect each others businesses.

This is great news not just for our existing members but for all our existing members who we are offering a full member status upgrade to access the full database at £99+ Vat for life.

Please call 0845 468 5000 and ask for the membership upgrade team to secure pole position for your business. If you have not yet registered with Million Impossible yet and wish to have a taste of the success our other members are having then visit now and click register free.

Regards Bradley Chapman