Entrepreneurs move towards On-line Business Networking

Some say the financial climate is dire, while others say business is booming. Depending on whether you view the glass as half full or half empty, it is fair to say that you can make money during a recession.

Many business are now using business networking as a  positive resource to buy goods and services on a more cost effective basis or indeed with the trust that is being built increasing sales revenue through a trusted business network.

Million Impossible is an Entrepreneur Network and after 9 months of development we are starting to see members promoting themselves on a pro-active basis and regularly talking to one another building relationships and doing business together.

This week alone we have purchased the following goods and services from our members:-

Ordered 4 new mobile phones from one member
A full car Valet from another member
Entered a 12 month design contract for our digital magazine
Instructed a new accountant for our business

Networking is key to growing your business but unless you pick up the phone and talk and introduce yourself you will not build a trusted network of business friends. The main thing to consider first is this…..

If you give you receive… Networking is about offering help first then you will start to see a return. Different business networks can offer varying benefits to their members and people usually gravitate towards the one that best suits their needs.

Million Impossible Plc www.millionimpossible.com is free to register and along with registration you will also receive 1 years free advertising for your business on Business Sourcer www.businesssourcer.com which is an online business advertising directory.

We welcome Entrepreneurs who can be honest about their position and share both their successes and their failures. Free members can upgrade to a full access membership at any time and for the month of August we are offering a 25% discount for full access membership for anyone ready the blog – Promo code (mil003) must be quoted in all correspondence.

Regards Bradley