Entrepreneurs find the STRENGTH whatever it takes

It’s Tuesday and we are only 3 days away from making the next step in Million Impossible’s journey a reality. Our online magazine called “Raw Entrepreneur” which features Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur members talking frankly about their journey’s is about to take flight.

The launch edition of the magazine features Rachel Elnaugh former MD of Red Letter Days and The BBC’s Dragon’s Den panelist. Rachel talks honestly about the loss of Red Letter Days and the knock on effect which can your emotions as well as your finances.

Well i titled the blog entry with the words “Strength” and i realise this week just how much strength you really need. As Entrepreneurs we are tested to the limits every day in terms of our belief and courage but where do we get the strength from?

Was it something our mother’s or father’s said to us that makes us fight to the death or do we just have something to prove to ourselves? Well I’m not quite sure.

I know that i have a burning desire to make Million Impossible a success and i believe most Entrepreneurs embark on a journey to make something real but i also feel that during this journey you actually go through a journey of self discovery that reaffirms your strengths and weaknesses..

They say that you are only as strong as the sales you make and this week we have struggled as a business in terms of revenue and that is due to lack of support for our sales team..  but at the same time i realise that the younger generation all feel that the world owes them a living.

When i was young i worked, today i still work and unless i make it happen no one else will. I try to be strong for all the people i love and care about but sometimes, just sometimes they need to find the strength within themselves…

Strength does not just come from turning up at work, its actually about vision and going the extra mile or indeed going above and beyond the call of duty,m in fact whatever it takes to become successful at whatever you do..

Anyway back to me and let’s talk FRANKLY about strength.. The last 5 days have been very tough. We are on the verge of getting our new online Entrepreneur Magazine published and read by what we hope will be in excess of 100,000 readers.

Strength is what you need to become a successful entrepreneur
Strength is what you call upon when the going gets tough
Strength is all you have when you are filled with doubt
Strength is what it takes to overcome adversity

Creating our Entrepreneur business network has tested our strength to the limits and i can certainly help any business person grow a business on a tight budget… We may be sifting through the trash cans at night to see what we can use after all “One man’s rubbish is another mans Gold” but we have become masters of stretching a pound note in the process.

If you have been tested with your business then i would like to hear from you. Actually you are not alone yet it takes courage and strength to share with others your darkest moments.

Can you share yours?

If so please leave a comment or join other entrepreneurs on our online network www.millionimpossible.com

Regards Brad