If you are bankrupt it’s not the end of the line – What a difference a year can make!

Bankruptcy is not the end of the road in fact it is just the beginning for many of us.

Million Impossible’s online business network started with one man’s dream to help Entrepreneurs overcome adversity even if they were starting from a position of bankruptcy and to provide a networking platform where all businesses could strategically grow their companies whilst learning from other Entrepreneurs mistakes as well as successes.

My name is Bradley Chapman and last year due to unforeseen financial and personal circumstances I declared myself bankrupt and just 10 months later I am proud and honoured to have been re-appointed as a Managing director of Million Impossible PLC.

The last year has been the most challenging year of my life and although I would urge anybody that is considering going into bankruptcy whether it be forced or your own choice to seek all alternative options available to you which you can do by speaking to an insolvency practitioner before you make your decision.

I came up with the idea of creating an Entrepreneur Network that enabled business people to be honest about the struggles and challenges that they face every day during their business careers and due to my own experiences I decided to call it Million Impossible.

Just ten months on Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur Network www.millionimpossible.com is growing more than I could have ever expected and I am also pleased to announce the launch of our new online digital magazine called “Raw Entrepreneur” which features Rachel Elnaugh former MD of Red Letter Days and panellist on the BBC’s Dragon Den programme www.millionimpossiblemagazine.com

We have also successfully launched our no cost, no catch, free to advertise online Business Directory for any UK business to use www.businesssourcer.com and we already have over 5000 adverts listed.

Another web site that we have successfully launched is called Number Sourcer www.numbersourcer.com where we offer some of the UK’s most cost effective telecoms numbering solutions. We offer 0800 and 0845 as well as town numbers for a one off life time payment of £99+ Vat. Our web site provide a call monitoring platform that helps you monitor all your incoming calls and it is an ideal way of ensuring that your advertising is working for you.

We have now proved that regardless of your financial position, providing you have the right people working with you within your network, that you can create a new life and business as long as you have the courage, strength and determination to succeed in your chosen field.

For Million Impossible my team and myself the journey has just begun and if you are the type of person who has had more than your fair share of challenges in your lifetime and believe that the glass is half full and not half empty, then we invite you to join our network and together we can go from dreams to reality. To join us and register as a member free just click www.millionimpossible.com and meet new friends and expand your business network.

What a difference a year makes!


Bradley Chapman