Entrepreneur Networking at it’s Best!

After spending what was quite a few months building a good working relationship with Rachel Elnaugh, she kindly  agreed to provide our new digital magazine with a cover story for the launch edition of the mag www.millionimpossiblemagazine.com (Thanks Rachel). Shortly after the magazine was published I received a call from Rachel’s publicist who then introduced me to a gentleman called Jonathan Jay

Jonathan  called me last Friday and we had a brief discussion about Million Impossible and Jonathan’s business which offers “Brilliant Business Advice From One of the UK’s Top Entrepreneurs” and we have now set a meeting for early September to discuss synergies between our businesses.

It just goes to show that networking really does work and it also proves that networking can be mutually beneficial for all parties.

Some days i look at our little business and think , quick ,launch the lifeboats and other days i look at our business with pride and admiration for the potential of Million Impossible really is quite simply that we could, actually against all the odds achieve the Impossible.

If you have not experienced the the benefits that networking can bring you then i urge you to take the time and consider this.

Just under a year ago i was on my knees, bankrupt and had hit rock bottom. Today I am not a bankrupt and with my close team are successfully running a business that talks honestly about being an Entrepreneur and running and owning a business.

Today we have over 1300 members on Million Impossibles business network and 5000 advertisers with a potential readership audience of 100,000+ for our digital magazine called “Raw Entrerpreneur”… We are about to launch the UK’s first online business collaboration under our Sourcer Group Brands and are now in discussions about launching our American version of our UK web site www.billionimpossible.com

All thanks to a dream, a little vision and a business network called Million Impossible www.millionimpossible.com

Best Wishes
Bradley Chapman- MD

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