The Secret Millionaire – Back to Reality

The Secret Millionaire – Back to Reality

I was watching The secret Millionaire on TV last night and when i see the Millionaires giving out their hard earned money to worthy causes it always makes me cry.. Yes I’m a big softy at heart but it’s the impact that these Entrepreneurs can make on people’s lives…. as well as their own.

During our business careers we get so engrossed with our goals and aspirations that some times we forget to look back and enjoy the successes. There is an old saying “Along the way always remember to smell the roses”.

The Entrepreneurs that give away their money have a big “Take Away” value from giving to people and i believe the biggest impact is that they realise that so many people give unconditionally rather than taking, that actually it makes us feel proud but also ashamed that we as Business people and Entrepreneurs have perhaps taken more than we have given.

So today let me ask you to do something:- Phone some one you either know or do not know and offer them some form of help without expecting anything in return and i guarantee you that goods things will come.

Business Networking is not dissimilar in that you first give and then you receive. One of my membership team guys said to me today “i cant be bothered with free members and i do not get anything from it”. I said to him “To the contrary every free member is not just a new client and friend, It is also an opportunity”.

The opportunity is of course what you make of it. I believe that the bigger your network of friends and business acquaintances will help you make your journey toward success that little bit easier… and we are proving that every day with Million Impossible.

Even if you give something away free you gain many things in return. I guess it just depends on your perspective!

“Always be prepared to go on the occasional wild goose chase as that’s what wild geese are for”

Regards Bradley Chapman –

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