Entrepreneurs – You will know what to do in the morning?

Entrepreneurs – You will know what to do in the morning?

Entrepreneurs – You will know what to do in the morning?  They say that if you have a lot on your mind and you need to either make important decisions, decide which route or direction to take your business, that if you sleep on it you very often find the answers that you are looking for!

I have deliberated for well over a week on the position that I find myself in and I still do not have the answers that I need. I am uncertain whether I have just worn myself out after 38 years of burning the candle at both ends or if the real reason is that actually I am scared of taking the next steps..

If I were honest, which I should be after creating the Worlds first honest Entrepreneur Network www.millionimpossible.com and now having launched our online Entrepreneur Magazine www.millionimpossiblemagazine.com ironically named Raw Entrepreneur – The truth is that I am scared about the next steps.

I am scared for a few reasons and I have to think very carefully about how I put this as I might offend some very close colleagues and friends of mine.

FIRSTLY – I am tired and of course a little burned out but that is no excuse for me not standing and the helm regardless of my personal situation. My team looks to me for inspiration, guidance, belief and direction.

I have provided direction and I must say that all I visualised has happened, perhaps not as quickly as one would like but is happening. The business has gained a certain momentum and we have created a market for our service.

I cannot keep finding the route and delivering the ideas and even if I do they need to be followed out to a tee and they are not.

SECONDLY – I now look to others to find the strength and  courage to move out of their comfort zones and attack or at least try something that are either unfamiliar with or scared of, baring in mind most will not admit that they are afraid, instead they will deflect and project  their fears on to another person or situation.

THIRDLY – I know that to move the business to next level it will take precise planning, a major cash flow boost and I will need the whole team behind the effort. Unfortunately we have a mixture of abilities within our team but very few of the team will actually take the time to read, learn and absorb a new idea or indeed take the important time to gain a far greater knowledge than we currently possess.

Finding the Answer?

I am not sure what to do. I have tried to push my people forward but it has and is draining me. I cannot keep pushing and it is taking too much of my strength.

Should I accept that some people do not wish to better than who they are even thought I know that they are just like me – Afraid?

Should I accept that perhaps I am different in that I look at challenges as something that can be overcome?

Should I accept the fact that the younger generation have very little life skills and in fact most feel that the world owes them a living and that working hard is something that is a dying trade?

Should I stop driving the people I love to new heights, new ideas and new frontiers as I always have done?

The Answer

The real problem for me is that after all the pain and adversity that I have been through in the last two years that I know that I have to stay strong for anyone who seeks my help, advice and guidance for both their business and most importantly their personal lives which can greatly impact upon the decisions that as Entrepreneurs we make.

So after a week of deliberating I have made the decision that different people will act at different times, some may never take action but if I stop being me then what hope do we have for the people who need help, support and guidance the most? None….

I will keep battling, I will keep driving and I will continue believing that we are all capable of so much more. I will continue to encourage and empower the people around me with the goal that if we take small steps then it will make for a great journey…

Bradley Chapman – MD
Million Impossible Plc – The Worlds first Honest Entrepreneur Network