Entrepreneur school – The difference between theory and real life.

Entrepreneur school – The difference between theory and real life.

Entrepreneur school – The difference between theory and real life.  Our schools, colleges and universities provide a valuable teaching and knowledge based platform from which aspiring Entrepreneurs can learn the fundamental details about business theory , running a business and of course eventualities scenario outcomes. I fully believe that there is a real difference between theory and practice and that is why I feel that as an Entrepreneur and business community we need to consider launching Entrepreneur school.

I have since a boy tried to build a successful business and during my 38 years of life I have found myself wondering what success actually is. Many successful Entrepreneurs will tell you that the most exciting part of their journey was actually during the most troublesome times in their business career and that later success did not deliver the emotionally impact adrenalin charge that they felt.

During my experiences I have had had varying levels of successes and failures but always seem to hit a brick wall whether it was the Far East crashing, divorce, cash flow issues, bad debt and other situations that I found myself in as a result of my actions.

A friend of mine who is also one of our shareholders said to me the other week that he believes that there are is no such thing as bad luck only bad decisions. Looking back now on my experiences which I would had previously said “I have had some bad luck along the way”, were actually all bad decisions. If I had not made bad decisions, then the outcome of any particular circumstances or situation that I faced could have had a very different eventuality.

Looking back if could have had a network of business people who were my friends whom I had access to ask for feedback then potentially some of the bad decisions that I made could have been avoided and then outcome may have been very different indeed.

I would not change my life and my experiences but I can tell you that it has been a very challenging and emotional journey for me and those that I love. I know that many other Entrepreneurs would have given up the chase a long time ago, and perhaps they have more sense than me! I do not wish to see other aspiring Entrepreneurs who have the dream to action bug that we all have, fail and get hurt in the process, not to try again.

If I do not try to do something or change the way that we act toward aspiring entrepreneurs then everything that I have been through will have been for nothing. I feel that we have a moral responsibility in life to give something without asking for anything in return and the people that adopt this kind of karma have had their lives enriched.

I recently found my business in a challenging position and needed to bounce off some of my friends and acquaintances. I called a few people to ask their advice and do you know what for the first time I called a guy that is not my friend but someone whom I have met. He is a high profile entrepreneur and now as I write this entry for Entrepreneur school, I am on a train heading to London to meet him to receive his feedback and advice.

The message that I am sending out today is this:-

If when we first started in business if we already knew what challenges we would face and what we might have to give up in the process, would we have started?


Bradley Chapman

“Dreams to Reality”