Entrepreneurs from the previous generation

Entrepreneurs from the previous generation

Entrepreneurs from the previous generation.  When I was a young boy I used to go to work with my dad on his London market stalls. I could not have been more than ten or eleven years of age but I was already aware of the body language that my dad’s suppliers displayed. When I watched his suppliers I could tell if they were comfortable, uncomfortable, lying or telling the truth and I was not aware of it.

Body language skills were never taught to me and never spoke to my dad about it but somehow I just knew what was going on in every meeting that I attended with him. My dad is a very likable person and everybody gets on with him. I can remember a guy called Gerald Bernard who had a factory in North London manufacturing ladies wear and my dad used to buy all his overstocks. My dad made a lot of money working with this man when he met with my dad.

It was really great to watch my dad cut a deal knowing that he could negotiate a knock out deal on pricing because he knew that Gerald loved selling over stocks, as it was his cream on his cake. Gerald also knew that my dad could make really good money on the goods and so a mutually beneficial relationship was born.

My father is now writing a piece based on old Entrepreneurs versus new Entrepreneurs, which I will add to the blog shortly. His article will talk about face to face networking and relationship building during his generation, after all they did not have the technology that we are all blessed with today.

I guess if you take technology out of the equation all we have is each other.

Dad, I only ever wanted you to be proud of me!

Lots of Love
Your son

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