Press Release – Global businesses now boarding the Network Express to businesses Success to beat the recession

Press Release – Global businesses now boarding the Network Express to businesses Success to beat the recession

Press Release – Global businesses now boarding the Network Express to businesses Success to beat the recession.  They say that going into business as an Entrepreneur can be a lonely place, well not anymore! The global phenomenon of business and social networking has arrived and its here to stay.

The World Wide credit crunch hit us during 2008 and many would say this has now become more of a depression similar to the one experienced in the 1929. A high percentage of global businesses will face the survival challenge during the coming months and many Entrepreneurs will fall on their sword.

As more and more businesses board the Network Express to success and start to understand the power of networking and the benefits that it can bring to their businesses, niche and specialist Business Networks are being created – The question that remains is “which one best suits your business?”
You can now find everything from the almighty Facebook and Myspace for social networking to Ecademy and Linkedin for business networking, but what do you do when your business faces adversity and indeed how do you turn to?

Entrepreneurs are not dissimilar to gamblers in that they love to talk about their successes but shy away from publicly speaking about their mistakes unless of course they have already reached fame and fortune and then it is a given to offer some snipping of the adversity they faced back in the day.

A very niche business networking website has emerged over the last 12 months that challenges everything we know to be taboo. The business was founded by a man who had declared himself bankrupt and whom had hit rock bottom both personally and financially and with no financial resources set out to create a web site that would help Entrepreneurs overcome adversity by creating strength in numbers. We spoke with Bradley Chapman today at his local Chelmsford offices to ask him exactly what his business does.

“After the Far East crashed in 1998 I lost everything and after that I had been very successful in building brands and sales teams for various businesses over the years but always felt empty inside when I got home each night. I guess I always wanted to help business people with the romantic notion that through my own life’s challenges that I could in some way help prevent other Entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes that I had made thus making their journey toward.

It wasn’t until I had a very emotionally draining breakup with the mother of my children and worked for someone who turned out to be less than honourable that I felt more and more drawn towards trying to create something that would help UK businesses.

Million Impossible was a play on words in that to the contrary given the right support, guidance and advice it is extremely possible to do the impossible and make everything possible – but you can not do it alone.
I launched and online network for Entrepreneurs in November 2007 and the journey had begun. Since then we have moved our proposition forward with the addition of a Magazine for Entrepreneurs based called Raw Entrepreneur. The whole ethos of the business about adversity and that it can be overcome.

The business was started with a limited capital investment and a small team of motivated people. As we enter 2009 we once again have some challenges to overcome and my blog on the Million Impossible web site talks quite frankly about our journey.

We encourage open and honest thinking and actually its ok to fail as long as we learn from our mistakes and in fact some of the most influential and influential Entrepreneurs of our time have been bankrupt or placed a business into administration. So many Entrepreneurs will face adversity in business at some time during their business careers but many times it comes at a time when you least expect it and are not prepared or ready to deal with it.

It not how you rise instead it is how you rise after falling that determines who we are and our business network supports a strength in numbers theory, after all two heads are better than one and a thousand heads are better than a 100.

We are now in talks with a major publisher to deliver a printed version of our business magazine and we are also in early stage talks in launching “Entrepreneur School” – which could be the most unique networking and Entrepreneur Teaching academy in the UK.

Rachel Elnaugh former MD of Red Letter Days – the gift experience business and former panelist on the BBC’s BAFTA award winning programme has been mentoring me personally and has been a great inspiration and support to me.

2009 is gong to be a very tough time for anyone in business but it will also be the most exciting time for all Entrepreneurs that start new businesses this year. I believe that Entrepreneurs will be key and instrumental in getting the global economy back on track”.

Editors Notes

Million Impossible launched during April 2007 with their Entrepreneur and Business Networking website. The business focuses on helping Entrepreneurs overcome adversity through their network of 1000’s of Entrepreneur members, business forums and online business magazine, which features high profile Entrepreneurs such as Rachel Elnaugh, Levi Roots and Imran Hakim. The company is now in talks with a major UK publisher to deliver their first printed business magazine during Q1 2009.

Contact details: Tel: 0845 468 5000 Web: