Entrepreneurs don’t lose your heads under pressure


Entrepreneurs don’t lose your heads under pressure

I am sorry that my blog entries have not been as regular as normal. We have been going through some changes in the business, most of which is very positive but this has drained our time and our resources.

We have appointed a new creative agency to head up the design of Raw 6, which is our first printed edition. Everyone at Mi would like to extend our thanks to Clare Bradbury, Chris and the team at Passion Marketing for the amazing pitch and the time spent on their design concepts – Brilliant! Everyone at Team Mi HQ are looking forward to a dynamic and essential read for Raw Entrepreneur 6, which will be available in both printed and digital formats.

In every day business life and as most Entrepreneurs would agree, life can become very frenetic and at times you do need to step back and work out a precise planned strategy but of course at Mi most days our best laid plans turn into chaos!

We have installed a new CRM system “Fusemetrix” again with great thanks to Matthew Ballinger and his team at Web Office Systems. Matt we love the system and the support is first class and we cannot wait to promote your system to our members. It is cost effective and does everything that you need whether you are in a service, supply or stock holding sector.

We try to maintain a very humble approach to our Entrepreneur members as we too know only too well how hard it is in this difficult climate to build a business, let alone make a profit. Of course along the way most businesses will at some stage face adversity and as my post header suggests:-

“Entrepreneurs don’t loose your heads under pressure”

If you work alone, take time out to talk to other people and ask for their feedback. If you are member o Million Impossible’s network then go online and ask for help. If you have a team that cannot manager pressure then teach them to handle pressure. This may take some time, but persevere and you will have wins.

As Entrepreneurs we cannot shows flaws to our staff and they must see you as a person that can think outside the box, solve a problem or challenge and turn a negative into a positive. Teach your team to be solution thinkers. Instead of saying something cannot be done teach them to find a make to make it happen.

If any of you have seen the film K19 staring Harrison ford and Liam Nelson you will know what I mean. Take your people to the limits and when the time comes, you will know what they can and cannot do.


I am looking forward to Entrepreneur School and we have so many excited people that wish to get involved both Tutors and Pupils.. We will be holding a pre launch at a London venue in the next couple of weeks and I will keep you all informed as to our progress.

Well done to Heidi Weir for interviewing Max Clifford, who will be on the front cover of edition 6 of Raw Entrepreneur Magazine. We have uploaded Max’s Mi Tube video to our website so please take a look.

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