Free Million Impossible Memberships for Students and Graduates


Free Million Impossible Memberships for Students and Graduates

Million Impossible’s online network now has thousands of Entrepreneur and business owner members representing hundreds of UK business sectors. We are now looking to extensively build our student body both online via the Million Impossible network and with regional Entrepreneur School attendance.

We have now opened up our “FREE UPGRADE” option to all students across the UK.

As our business and Entrepreneur network expands and we approach the launch of our regional face to face networking events under “Entrepreneur School”. We would like to invite and offer students, graduates and aspiring Entrepreneurs who are currently studying for a business qualification a free fully subscribed membership to our online network and free entry to any Entrepreneur School networking event.

The Entrepreneurs of today are the future of tomorrow and we must as a united group of Entrepreneurs and business people welcome and help these aspiring stars get their feet on the first rung of the ladder, helping them to grow their businesses and in every way that we can, protect, guide and advise them on how to safely build their businesses.

I believe very strongly that if you help someone today that they in turn may help you tomorrow. I would like to start to build strong bridges and forge relationships with the UK’s leading business schools, colleges and universities for both Million Impossible and Entrepreneur School.

If any members have contacts with either Principles, Deans, Heads of Dept or Lecturers that can move our free offering within their school, college or university to please contact me immediately on 0845 468 5000 or email me at

Students can choose to register directly as a free member on the Million Impossible homepage and then email me and request “FREE STUDENT UPGRADE”.

If we unite Entrepreneurs and aspiring Entrepreneurs together we will potentially have an explosive, innovative and opportunistic relationship for both the present and the future Entrepreneurs.

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Dreams to Reality
Bradley Chapman

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