The Power of Being a Positive Entrepreneur – by Bradley Chapman

The Power of Being a Positive Entrepreneur – by Bradley Chapman

The Power of Being a Positive Entrepreneur – by Bradley Chapman.  It really touches me and even on the darkest of days like today when our revenue is less than 50% of what we need to cover our costs and a day when I have delivered an amazing heartfelt and visionary speech to my team and yes i guess that it may have empowered the courageous among them.

It’s 4.45 and i am nearly passing out from exhaustion and lack of sleep through worry and not being able to do, create and deliver everything that Mi is demanding and needing right now..

I can sit back and eat my cottage pie with the comfort that I am not alone and that we all share the highs and lows of being in business… There are days that I love calling myself an Entrepreneur and days that i shake in fear for what i have had to do, some good and some bad.

I just spoke to a lady called Sue who is a life coach and she told me how she had come back from a near death experience.. Sue no speaks to Entrepreneurs and encourages them.

Its people like like this that puts us all to shame with our simple whims like “Where is everybody”

Team Million Impossible

“GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING” – Shawshank Redemption

Lots of Bradley

PS- I wish i could carry all of you but i cant. You all have wings. please join me and fly with me and together we will achieve something that no other network has been able to.


Business SOS – This part of the web site is wide open for any of the areas listed and featured to be taken over by members of MI – do you have any ideas. This is a really good opportunity for Mi Members.

Angels Den – we are looking to pair with a VC company that will provide VC funding and advice for our members?

Business PR – we need a PR agency to take over and sponsor this area of the site and help our members with PR and Marketing?

Mi News – we need a professional press release business to sponsor and run this aspect of our site so that our members can issue free and paid for press releases. Our members need advice and guidance on writing, proof reading and promoting a press release – any ideas/ contacts?

This is just for starters. If you realise that we will have around 40,000 members by then end of Dec 2009, then think about this! Do any of you really want to waste negative energy on the things that you don’t have,instead use that energy positively and get the things you want? Ummm….. Thought provoking.

For all that are fighting to build the forum, I thank you and i will never forget – Thanks for being there

Bradley Chapman – MD
Million Impossible – The Entrepreneur Network