Will you consider Donating to help me to help UK Entrepreneurs?

Will you consider Donating to help me to help UK Entrepreneurs?

Will you consider Donating to help me to help UK Entrepreneurs?

My Name is Bradley Chapman. I consider myself an passionate and driven Entrepreneur. If you have taken the time to read through my personal blog and either visited or perhaps joined my Entrepreneur Networking Website, then you will understand and perhaps feel and associate with my struggle to grow a business that helps increase the chances of success in UK business start ups as well as preserving the sometimes lifetime efforts of business owners and Entrepreneurs.

I have achieved what have to date with limited financial resources and some very kind friends and supporters and now require further assistance by way of donation to help me continue my journey. There are so many just causes that deserve donations and I am by no way as important the RSPCC, RNIB and Cancer Research to name but a very few, however, If businesses are to survive and prosper and have somewhere to turn in their darkest hour that is both open and honest, then i truly believe with your continued support, that we could achieve it.

Even a donation of one pound will help me to move my plans for Million Impossible and Entrepreneur School forward but if you would like to donate more then I can assure that it will go towards helping somebody to do something that they had not previously thought was possible.

Click on the link below to go through to my PayPal account and help me move Million Impossible forward in becoming the UK’s leading “Overcoming Adversity” Business Networking Website.


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I am not proud to ask ask for donations, in fact it was a suggestion from a wealthy mentor who is unknown to me and goes by the nom de plume of “Mr C”. I have taken his advice and hope that if you have experienced the journey toward becoming a successful Entrepreneur,then you will know the pains involved and how your mind body and soul is tested to the absolute limits each and every day.

I believe that I have the resolve to overcome my fears and face my adversity head on but i am also man enough to say at this juncture that I cannot do it alone.

For all Entrepreneurs, Never give in trying to reach your dreams and above all consider all the risks that you will take and what you may have to give up as you try to touch the stars.

Your Help will not be forgotten

With Warmest Wishes
Bradley Chapman
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