Mind over Matter – Does it Really Play a Part in an Entrepreneurs World?

Mind over Matter – Does it Really Play a Part in an Entrepreneurs World?

Mind over Matter – Does it Really Play a Part in an Entrepreneurs World?

During the last four months I seem to have gone to hell and back. Two back to back burglaries in our current building, delayed lease on our new building, staffing issues, increasingly challenging revenue against cost targets. My recent workload is reaching unbearable levels which see me working crazy hours through the night and then missing parts of the day from being disorganised. From merchant service issues to dealing with the stigma of post bankruptcy…

Does mind over matter really play a major part in my day or with the business being nearly two years in have we reached the point that so many businesses fail to overcome?

I think that it is probably a mixture of the two. Mind over matter is very important as each day we face ultimate challenges that seem Impossible to overcome and equally we seem to have reached a point where we need to consolidate our brand and our values.

I have made so many mistakes with Million Impossible and our offshoot businesses that you can often forget to look at your successes. I know that I have learned a great deal in the process and indeed added to my existing skill set but at what true cost?

Time money, energy, passion and personal and business relationships could have all been cultivated and nourished much more beneficially. I find that I shield my true thoughts and try to be strong for others that are perhaps not as strong and experienced commercially – yet I preach that by not showing your true thoughts is a weakness, so am I being weak when I should be strong or am I actually being strong?

For those that have followed the Million Impossible journey you will know that we have come such a long way and have had to face and overcome many hurdles, some of which you know about and some you don’t.
I am thinking to myself right now “MIND OVER MATTER – MIND OVER MATTER” my goal is to create the Worlds leading Entrepreneur Business Networking website and Entrepreneur based publishing company “EVERYTHING ENTREPRENEUR” a website that entrepreneurs come to from all around the world because we have something that they want……….

I am also thinking selfishly to myself that my old job gave me so much money. I was employed at a corporate level. I was brought in to turn businesses around and after six months I had turned them.. Luxurious cars, great home, meals out, great clothes, holidays and money to treat my loved ones……….. but that would be just too easy and I do not think I would enjoy it anymore.

I have come this far we have a good team, a good product and an exploding market and all we need now is a little investment, some decent operational controls, a steady growth plan and we could achieve our ambition.

It is in my experience exactly these of wobbly thought patterns that see businesses and the entrepreneurs that run them FAIL and that is why I must continue, I must not falter an I must find a way.

So yes I do believe that MIND OVER MATTER plays a massive part of an Entrepreneurs business journey.
Do you have any thoughts on mind over matter, is there a commercial term for it and would you like to present a seminar at one of our Entrepreneur Schools to au audience of willing listeners. I would also like to features this person on our web site www.millionimpossible.com under our Mi features section.
Please email me at Bradley@millionimpossible.com or leave a comment.

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