Why does Bradley Chapman think that he can help Increase the chances of Entrepreneur success rates?

Why does Bradley Chapman think that he can help Increase the chances of Entrepreneur success rates?

Why does Bradley Chapman think that he can help Increase the chances of Entrepreneur success rates?

Bradley Chapman came up with the idea of creating a UK and potentially a World leading Entrepreneur based support business back in 2007 after he had been through some major personal adversity after breaking up with the mother of his two children. Bradley had been involved in a wide range of businesses and had worked 6-7 days a week for most of his working career but found himself not being able to find one place that he could go to that would provide him with a cradle to the grave entrepreneur support network to help improve his chances of business success. He found that there were singular specific facilities available on the market but not one all encompassing entrepreneur based support service.

Million Impossible’s online network was born during November 2007 with zero members – but Bradley had a big dream that one day the company would become a world leading Entrepreneur Authority. Million Impossible have now progressed the business and offer both online networking (Million Impossible) , face to face networking (Entrepreneur School) and publish a business Magazine called (Raw Business Magazine) which features high profile Entrepreneurs like Rachel Elnaugh, Duncan Banatynne, Doug Richard and Max Clifford – The journey Is far from complete!

With the launch of Entrepreneur School Chelmsford in June 2008 and with 10,000 registered online members the business now has 10 ES school areas planned to go live during October and November 2009 with UK wide coverage planned by the end of 2010. Each school is run by an ES leader, who is also a Million Impossible online networking member. Attendance levels range from 15-30 people per event (held every two weeks) . As the exposure grows and the word spreads so will our attendance levels….

But that is not the final picture!

The company plans to open 3 regional Entrepreneur training centres during 2010 – one in the north, one in the midlands and one in the south. The residential training centres will be called “Entrepreneur School”. The schools will be syllabus lead with experienced and established entrepreneurs teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to start up their business (safely). There will be a second tier syllabus for companies established under 2 years and a third tier master class for established business.

The Overall Aim!

To provide start up business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with comprehensive start up knowledge using an initial training course. Upon leaving the course they gain automatic membership to an online network of 10,000 online contacts (continually growing) to do business and network with. The third benefit is Entrepreneur School local events which provides the Entrepreneurs with face to face networking opportunities – In fact everything that a business would need to start, grow and succeed!

Indeed cradle to the grave… or as Bradley suggests “Dreams to Reality”

YouTube VideosBradley speaking at the British Library “Inspiring Entrepreneurs”
Million Impossible at the “Business Startups Show”
“Entrepreneur School launch”

Million Impossible is currently building a new GLOBAL business networking website which is due to go live during Jan/ Feb 2010!


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