Have you Pitched Simon Dolan yet?

Have you Pitched Simon Dolan yet?

Have you pitched Simon Dolan Yet?

Simon Dolan went from paperboy to “Accountancy Guru” after he created SJD Accountancy now a multi million pound business that he started with just ten pounds. Simon’s firm currently employs around 150 people.

Simon is more than your average Entrepreneur, he runs a successful business and is now an active Business Angel investor. He has made the headlines recently offering a share of his £5 million investment fund to aspiring and experienced Entrepreneurs using Twitter.

When Simon was introduced to me I saw that he was not a high profile TV style Entrepreneur but something drew me to him and he kindly allowed me to run an interview. Read the Interview Here.

It was one of the most interesting interviews I have experienced. The reason I found it interesting was not because Simon is now a successful businessman but because he was listening to me and taking everything on board even though he had already gone through the adversity I spoke of. I could hear the cogs of thought, the calculation, the assessment of me and my business. It amazed me how quickly he grasped the concept of Million Impossible and took the time to ask about the business.

I was really inspired by the interview and have now had the pleasure of meeting Simon formally (I spilt coffee on his lovely reception floor at his offices) and I have met and interviewed his sister Lisa Keeble as well millionimpossible.com/entrepreneur-interviews.asp?iid=17″.

When you start a business it can be very difficult to secure investment and there are so many hoops to jump through. Simon has taken that myth and smashed it out of the ball park.

Simon Has Announced That He is Here & He is Here to Play!
I interviewed Simon again yesterday while he was enjoying a short break in Monaco with his family. I apologised for catching him on holiday and he said “No problem let’s talk”, that is the kind of support and availability you will get from Simon Dolan once you have passed the Twitter Test!

Read the rest of the interview and to find out how to pitch your idea to Simon Dolan then click here now