David Gold – Successful Entrepreneur

David Gold – Successful Entrepreneur

David Gold – Successful Entrepreneur.  I had the greatest pleasure today interviewing David Gold, Chairman of West Ham United FC, Ann Summers and former owner of Birmingham City FC and Sunday Sport Newspapers.

David Gold came up the hard way clawing his way from abject poverty growing up in London’s East End to become one of the UK wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs. I met David at his home in Surrey today and spent an amazing two hours with him asking questions about his rise to success and what it took to get there.

We spoke about everything from poverty, pornography, West Ham United FC to Anne Summers and of course being an entrepreneur. At 73 years of age David is one of the youngest men i have had the pleasure to meet.

You can read an intro to my interview with David HERE. The full interview will be available on both the Raw Business website and Raw Business Magazine web site in a few days.

I wish to thank David for his time and for the kind gesture of the personal gift he gave me today. I will cherish my time with you for a long time to come.

Can I borrow your car David?

With Best Wishes
Bradley Chapman