Raw Business Announces Change To Open Membership

Raw Business Announces Change To Open Membership

Raw Business Announces Change To Open Membership.  Raw Business, is set to step into the gap left by Business Link and continue providing UK business owners and entrepreneurs with the valuable tools they require to succeed.

Coalition Government Minister, Mark Prisk, announced in a recent article that the Business Link program would cease under the austerity measures introduced by the government since it came to power in May 2010, leaving UK business with limited support through networking.

Raw Business was established in 2007 and is cooperation between Bradley Chapman and Simon Dolan, a serial business angle and member of the Sunday Times Rich List. Both of these men are passionate about business and Raw Business now includes an online network and a monthly business magazine.

Until the announcement by Mr Prisk, full membership to Raw Business had been on a subscription basis but with the news of Business Link’s demise, the company has decided to remove the membership fees and open the network to all members of the business community, free of charge.

Raw Business MD Bradley Chapman said this about the decision “The work done by business link has been great but business owners and entrepreneurs need to be able to gain advice from other people in business, not central government. Our aim is to bring business owners together so that they can share their stories, gain advice and offer support whilst promoting their business both locally and nationally.”

This view was endorsed by Government minister Simon Burns who in a statement made to Raw Business said “The services offered and the opportunities presented through companies like Raw Business can potentially be a vital lifeline for business and entrepreneurs alike.
With austerity measures being introduced in public sector funded projects such as Business Link, it is good to see that the private sector is ready and willing to come together in these tough times.”

To see more about the services offered by Raw Business, please visit www.rawbusiness.com