Thank you Action Coach Peter Boolkah from Bradley Chapman

Thank you Action Coach Peter Boolkah from Bradley Chapman

I have now had three meetings with my Action Coach, Peter Boolkah and we have not even started to uncover what we will achieve together.

Peter has helped me look at myself before anything else and I have to say I feel great. The business has had its ups and downs and as I am sure, you will all agree – That is part of being an entrepreneur.

Two things he has helped me with so far

1 – Am I happy in what I am doing?

2 – Is my work life balance in order?

Peter has made me look at the business holistically, taking emotions out of the decisions I am making. He also suggested I read a book called “The Secret” which has already influenced my life in a positive way.

I am no longer fighting the universe, instead learning to go with the flow and accept what comes my way and by accepting that good things have started to happen.

I feel more energised and more comfortable with what the future will be. I spent so long fighting against positive forces by telling my adversity story over and over again. Instead, I should have been talking about and sharing my aspirations.

It is not just Peter that I have to thank for this positive change in my life but also some other talented Action Coaches who have also inspired me with their words, stories and belief and I would like to thank them personally:-

Mandy Hildred – (North Yorkshire)
Clive Sury – (Yorkshire)
John Davison – (North Yorkshire)
Nick Ruddle – (Essex)
Ian Christelow – (Suffolk)

Thank you all for reminding me that man on journey who can get lost in the day-to-day hubba of running a business can find himself – As long as he reaches out and accepts that some things have to change.

If you are looking for an Action Coach then stand by for our 12 page interviews, information and promotion of some of the UK’s highest results performing Action Coaches in the next edition of Raw Business Magazine. I have even had the great pleasure of interviewing Brad Sugars, founder of Action Coach Worldwide, who, I am pleased to announce is our front cover interview feature.

I liked Action Coach so much that I now have my own coach. Peter you are amazing! Thank you for your time, belief and support during these few weeks. I love you man.

If your business is based in Essex and would like to talk to Peter to see how he will help your business then call the Boolkah hotline on 07773 773 560 or visit his website at

If you would like to find out who is your nearest coach then call Ian Christelow who is the UK Master license holder on 01284 701648. Equally if you are looking to move into coaching then call Ian and you could on your way to changing your life and many others.

Thank you Action Coach – “Once I was blind and now I can see”

Lots of Love

Bradley Chapman
Managing Director