Government Procurement 220 Billion up for grabs

Government Procurement 220 Billion up for grabs

Government Procurement 220 Billion up for grabs. You may think that securing government contracts are hard but then again anything that is good can be a challenge to achieve. I have dabbled in government contracts previously and if you get it right you will secure a solid financial future for your business.

So what is stopping you right now from securing this business and let just think about this for a second? The government spends around £220 Billion pounds a year on local and central government purchases. Even with cuts we are looking at £150 Billion – Are you getting your share?

I had the great pleasure tonight to run a live Raw Business TV webcast with Leslie Smith from Bizzxsell . I first met Leslie about a year and a half ago. He is a great guy, down to earth and can help YOU move your business forward.

In the last year he has helped his clients secure over £6 million pounds worth of government contracts. No business is too big or too small to consider selling to government. In fact there are small value tenders available.

Watch this fantastic webcast recorded live from Raw Business HQ this evening featuring Leslie Smith. I really enjoyed this one and it got me thinking about how we can all grab a share of this amazing pool of money. All we have to do is take the frost steps. Watch the video and then contact Leslie who will help you secure your first contract..

Raw Business TV – Government Procurement made easy with Leslie Smith and BIZZXSELL

After you have watched the video, visit the web sites below and take a look at what you could supply.


Large Value Tenders –

Public Tenders –

Small Value Tenders –

Direct Tenders –


Contact Details for Leslie Smith:-

Bizzxsell Ltd
Mobile 07792 273 334 Telephone 0845 638 4953

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Goverment Procurement  £220 Billion up for grabs


Bradley Chapman and Raw Business TV and Leslie Smith delivers a webcast on Goverment Procurement  £220 Billion up for grabs