MASTER YOUR DESTINY.  Manifesting wealth and abundance should be easy.  However too often people are full of fear and anxiety and if you’re constantly worried about how things will turn out you are closing off the ways that money and abundance can actually come to you.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to make money or attract wealth.  Having more money makes your life easier and allows you to do many of the things you want.  But if you don’t have the wealth you want, if you’re not making the kind of money you want, if you’re not manifesting  wealth and abundance then you’re simply not sending out the right messages to have more of what you want.

Those messages are your thoughts and beliefs.  And whatever thoughts and beliefs you have about money and manifesting wealth will become a part of your life.

Unfortunately most people don’t believe they can make the kind of money they want and they don’t believe that they can be wealthy.

Why does this happen?

Well at some point in your life you developed a negative thinking pattern, This pattern was planted in your subconscious mind when you were younger and in all probability you’re not even aware of it.  You just know that you believe more in lack than you do in abundance.  That no matter how hard you try you just can’t ‘get ahead’.  That you don’t deserve it, you’re not worthy of it, that you have to struggle to succeed – and so you never achieve.

What’s happening is that your subconscious is creating your life based on those thoughts and beliefs.   You’re putting out the wrong signals.

Your subconscious simply follows your beliefs.  Negative or limiting beliefs about money have no purpose… they don’t let you get ahead or live the life you want and they certainly won’t let you become wealthy.

Those who succeed and enjoy their lives control their fear, they eliminate anxiety and panic by changing their focus and by thinking of how things will or can work out.   They have a belief in themselves and what they are worthy of.

If you’re crippled with fear it’s because you’re thinking of how things won’t work out or what could go wrong.

You don’t have enough information to be confident so your mind immediately focuses on what could go wrong.  No wonder you get scared.   Anybody would be crippled with fear if they focused on what could go wrong all the time.

So what do you do?

Change your thoughts.  Start thinking about how things could work out.  Push your mind to do things differently.  As your mind goes into a negative tailspin you feel trapped, you’re worried, uncertain, then the panic takes over, the fear cripples you and the anxiety overwhelms you. And if those worries are down to money – not having enough, not earning enough, not enough customers, whatever it might be, the more you think like that the worse it will become.

It’s not a way to live.

So what can you do?

Focus on what you want.  Think of how you would like things to turn out and fill your mind with thoughts of success.  If you stray, if your mind comes back and give you negative junk that leads to fear and anxiety change those thoughts.

Your subconscious mind will then pick up on these new thoughts and allow you to overcome the fear…  eliminate the anxiety and get rid of the panic attacks.

You need to eliminate and change any negative beliefs about money even if times are tough or if there’s a recession.

The truth is that in a recession people still make money.
People still find jobs in recessions.
Businesses do grow.
New businesses form during tough times.

Keep Changing those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Get rid of them.


I help people change their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs with tapping, NLP and hypnotherapy.

When you have a thought that supports you those beliefs change .  It really is that simple

Getting rid of those negative beliefs once and for all, empowering yourself with positive powerful thoughts, doing this on a daily basis (the way you do when you worry !) going over and over things is THE ONLY WAY to bring changes in your life; bring you the life you want rather than what you’re struggling with.

Focus on what you want.  Feed your mind positive thoughts and create positive beliefs about making and building wealth quickly and easily

Negative self-beliefs thwart your self-image and cloud and shroud the light within.  You cannot live like that – You need to let your happy loving nature shine; let it out and be free.

In doing so you will find your life will change in all areas, and you will begin to manifest all your dreams with ease and start experiencing more of the love, happiness and successes you desire and deserve.

The truth is, you always deserve, whether you believe it or not, so you may as well believe it! Because…

The more you believe you deserve it all, the more you will receive

I can help you change those beliefs; I can help you move on, improve your life, make more money, give you confidence and self belief which will in turn bring you a brighter future.

Remember what you think about today becomes true for you tomorrow.

Get rid of those limiting beliefs before they cause more damage to your life.


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Author: Adrienne Marks
Category: Business Coaching