Protect your back end when your sales force grows

Protect your back end when your sales force grows

Protect your back end when your sales force grows. If you do not do this then you could find yourself in hot water. Your sales force is sometimes your first contact and sometimes your second. The way in which the companies sales force deliver your product or service to your customers has to be controlled and monitored, especially if you are involved in the direct sales home improvements arena as you are often presenting in your customer own homes.

In the direct sales arena we often do not know how the companies sales representatives are conducting themselves, representing the company and of course presenting the product. It is vital to ensure that your customers have a good experience during any sales presentation.

We have specifically created The Secret Salesman for this purpose. The Secret Salesman is your tool to ensure that you business is protected from any rogue sales rep element. Prevention is better than cure and feed as to how your sales reps are acting is again vitally important for you the business owner and indeed in protecting your brand.

The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY ( The 3 Thirds)

Of course most professional sales representatives will establish very good levels of rapport and trust and they will be able to adapt to almost any scenario whilst other could and might misrepresent the company and could also miss sell your product raising the customers expectations far beyond that of what they actually are.

In my opinion there are three types of sales representatives:

One Third (YES) – These sales reps will follow your sales presenter and will deliver a great sales step process to your customers. The customer will have trust and will feel the need and will have the desire to make a purchase. These are the green and clean sales reps that have helped you build a professional business. The green and clean warriors will potentially deliver a 1 in 2 sales conversion. With very low cancellation rates.

Two Thirds (MAYBE)  – These are the sales reps who close a few deals and may grow and develop into a green and clean sales rep or they will relegate into the RED and Dead zone. They can be taught and they will listen as long as see some level of acceptable result which signifies a personal growth and income growth situation. If you do not catch them quickly, they will pick up bad habits and they will get desperate and desperate could mean a diluted and unprofessional sales approach and delivery.

Three Thirds (NO) – These are the sales reps who move from company to company saying that the leads were crap, the customers were not interested, the product was shit. These are the lurkers that cannot close and indeed cost us lead costs and most importantly potential damage to our customers – These are the red or dead sales reps than can come across as nice as pie, tell you what you need to hear to get the job and then do it all their own way. These are the dangerous sales representatives that bring a bad name to the industry and to your company.

Small Teams are Easy to Manage but it just takes one bad egg

Smaller sales team are easier to manager and control but as your sales team starts growing and you are looking to open new branches in new territories, you have to ensure that you have the right sales manager and the right sales team in place.

So how do you currently control the quality of your sales team?
Who watched your back, who provides you with real time and honest feedback
How do you control the quality of your sales step presentation?
How do you stop most of your customer complaints before they happen?
What are you after sales pitch procedures?
How does your customer services interact and provide feedback?

It is not easy and most of us are thinking about getting the sale, getting the order, securing the business and taking a deposit. Now of course that’s what we do in sales otherwise it wouldn’t be sales.

Salesmanship in the UK is met with high levels of negativity.

There is one major aspect to consider. In the USA salesmanship is considered to be an art and it is indeed applauded whilst in the UK the salesman still carries a cheesy stigma and salesmanship is not applauded at all, in fact quite the opposite. The British do not really like being sold to!

Growing a passionate, focused and professional sales team is so very rewarding but watch out!

Growing a strong, focused and professional sales team is quite rewarding. In fact when you get the recipe right it really is an awesome feeling to be able to be a part of such an inspired sales force.

A couple of years ago I was consulting for a UK renewable energy company. Now despite the Directors parting ways after just 12 months, we did manage to grow a sales force of circa 100+ sales reps and over 300 telesales marketing staff. The business created 100’s of jobs and indeed it was a highly motivated and driven sales and marketing team. It only took one rogue sales rep and rogue telesales agent that did not follow company procedures to bring the company into disrepute.

Bradley Chapman Sales and Marketing and The Secret Salesman Service

We can help you protect your company and by using our Secret Salesman Undercover Service we can give you the feedback for the good the bad and the ugly. You can then make changes to your operation control to ensure that your sales process remain both professional and delivered in the way in which you have trained it to be.

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More About Bradley Chapman

About Bradley Chapman

Bradley ChapmanBradley Chapman is an experienced sales and marketing business and life coach and business consultant who has experienced both adversity and success along his journey. Bradley has specialised in the direct sales home improvement sector for many years as well as many other business sectors.

Bradley has a vast and broad range of people skills. He is a Motivational and Inspirational Business Mentor, Business and Life Coach and Public Speaker. Experienced at Board Level Sales and Marketing Director and gained over 25 years business experience.


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Bradley Chapman Sales and MarketingBradley Chapman believes that “Everything is Possible” if you have the right mindset and motivation to support your dream, goals and vision. He has faced and overcome major adversity in both his personal life and the various businesses that he has owned or managed and built during his career. He believes that everyday people can achieve extraordinary things and delivers this message through motivational and inspirational speeches, seminars, networking events and business coaching and business mentoring services.

Bradley has over 25 years of business, business management and entrepreneurial business experience. He has traded both in the UK and internationally for clients including Walt Disney, Wembley Stadium, Coca Cola, pop and rock groups including Oasis and The Spice Girls as well as supplying promotional products for major TV campaigns, leading UK brands and major Blue Chip companies.

Over the years Bradley has owned and consulted with various businesses including import and export, retail shops, fast food catering businesses, clothing mail order, textiles manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses. He has worked in and has gained valuable experienced across a wide and diverse range of businesses and business sectors.

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