In the USA they applaud success and failure equally so why do us Brits look at it so differently?

In the USA they applaud success and failure equally so why do us Brits look at it so differently?

In the USA they applaud success and failure equally so why do us Brits look at it so differently?In the USA they applaud success and failure equally so why do us Brits look at it so differently? The American Dream has always fascinated me so much. The people of the United States of America have always held their American Dream so high and everybody can take a shot at success. They view success and failure so differently to how we do in the UK.

Why are we so different, Why do we sometimes feel resentment toward people who have and become and are successful and why do we tear people down when they fail and brand them with the stigma of failure? Its a burning question that I have asked myself for many years.

When I was younger my parents took me to Disney World in Florida and I was hooked on America, I was hooked on the sheer size of the country, their way of life and the American Dream. In fact it inspired me to look at and watch some of the many great Amercian Motivators and Public speakers and one of my dreams is that I will be speaking in the USA, I will be on a stage talking to Americans about success and failure. My “3 Thirds Theory” is totally real and we can all take something from it. The 3 Thirds tells that I have 3 choices, we have 3 choices, you have 3 choices and ultimately 3 outcomes or in other words YES NO MAYBE. 

You may be looking to get promoted at work, you may be looking to ask some one on a first date, you may be looking to start a new business, you may be looking to leave a loved one within a bad and toxic relationship, you may be going for your first job interview, you may be facing the toughest decision of your life – Make the decision and face the choices that you have to make TODAY.

Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield – All Amazing speakers

Les Brown Inspires me so much and when you watch his videos you cannot help even if for only two minutes you believe it is possible, then surely it is. When you watch something inspirational or talk to someone who is inspired, it inspires you and in that very moment you believe. I urge to you to watch this Les Brown video. Play it on a full size screen and crank your volume way up and you too will believe.

Can we change and improve the way that we view success and failure in the UK?

Yes of course we can! We can lift people up when they have tried and failed and encourage them to get back on the saddle and ride it again as success is just failure turned inside out and by giving it another shot you might just make it. We can praise people when they have succeeded and applaud their success with absolute sincerity.

The reason that I say this is simply this – You do not know what they have been through to get there, you do not know the sacrifices they have made, the adversity that they have had to endure, the pain that they have felt in making their dream a reality.. No one really knows the true strength that one has had to endure except the person who has endured it – YOU! 

Let your true self out of your shell once in a while

In the USA they applaud success and failure equally so why do us Brits look at it so differently?

You know its OK to put your hands in the air and say I can do it! Its OK to dream a little of something that you so badly want whether that is in your personal life, your career or indeed your business. Letting yourself out of your comfort shell once in a while or even a lot is OK. If you really could have something that you so badly wanted it and it easy peasy to get it you would go for it, of course you would. Unfortunately life is not that easy and it takes courage, strength, endurance and persistence to enjoy what we have come to call the winners quality. Don’t sell yourself short, today is your day and nothing is going to stop YOU.


What will I need to do to overcome my fears and engage my future self today?

We start now, we say to ourselves – It will not be easy but it will be worth it. I know that I will experience the darkness and the sunlight during my positive changes. There is nothing that can stop me from doing what I need to do right now.. People are watching you and there are people that are encouraging you to do it, there are motivational and inspirational Angels everywhere and you will reach your success, you will make the positive changes required to improve your life. You will become everything that you want to become and you will succeed.

Just because we are not like Americans it does not mean that us Brits do not have passion energy and positive attitude.

For me I don’t mind going stage or on film and givingNever Give In it everything I’ve got. Delivering a message of positivity and slaying the dragon. I do not care that my style is at times crazy inspired and so full of energy that I have almost given myself a heart attack delivering it. I do not mind acting like a man possessed on stage.. Why – because I love it and that is what I am born to do. I do not mind say yes we can do it, I do not mind that no everybody will hear me – I know a Third will and I know that a Third will be inspired to take action, to take the next steps and to make their dreams of tomorrow happen TODAY!  Shit I cant wait to start recording my videos. The 3 Thirds Theory can help us all 


Regards and Best Wishes

Bradley Chapman

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