Public speaking is not for everyone – right or wrong

Public speaking is not for everyone – right or wrong ? So, what have you heard about public speaking? That it has to come naturally to people? That polished professional speakers have banished their nerves? You must memorise speeches to look natural?

The myths and legends about what makes a good business speaker are abundant, and can really intimidate anyone who has to deliver sales pitches, address colleagues to present at events.

Time to banish some of those hang-ups!

Having a strong voice and abundant confidence can help with public speaking of course, but even the shyest person can learn techniques and strategies to get themselves heard and understood.

Looking natural and spontaneous in front of a room of people can actually takes many hours of preparation and practice. And the need to memorise scripts for effective delivery is another myth.  To ensure that your voice modulates and holds your audience’s attention – and your material appears responsive and relevant – it is far better to memorise and structure, and then speech naturally around that framework.

Do you have a strong regional accent or speech impediment? Neither disqualify you from effective presentation skills, and indeed can be used to good effect with the right training.

How could an introvert ever excel at public speaking? Simply by adjusting your delivery style and pace to suit themselves. Getting extra technical support for projecting your voice is essential if you are quietly spoken – there is nothing wrong with that as long as you practice delivering key points in a memorable way.

There is no need to copy loud, confident folk – every business person can develop their own speaking style, find their own presentation “voice” to get their message across effectively.

And if you find the whole thing nerve-racking, then you are not alone by a long way. Even long-experienced speakers who address large audiences around the world report that a racing heart and sweaty palms are their constant companions.

Getting past physical side-effects to focus on positive and strong delivering – in your own style – is the key.

Working to some magic formula or trying to copy a mythical “model public speaker” will ensure you never feel comfortable in this role.

Contact us for guidance and training on how your personality, speaking style and preferences can be used to make your individual presentation skills a force to be reckoned with!

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