Bradley Chapman appearing in International Coaching News

Bradley Chapman appearing in International Coaching News Magazine ICN

I am delighted to announce that I will be appearing in the 19th Edition of International Coaching News (ICN) Magazine. This is a truly amazing opportunity for me to open up my business, my offering and new client potential within the Global Framework of ICN and Noble Manhattan Group.

With over 38,000 subscribers and over 100,000 downloads per edition. ICN truly are the global leaders in business and life coaching publishing.

With thanks to Gerard O’Donovan for taking the time to speak with my personally via our recent Skype call and with extra special thanks to my dear friend Scott Ragain for the introduction to Gerard and his amazing global business which owns ICN – Noble Manhattan Coaching.

As a former business magazine editor and publisher I have been totally wowed by the wide range of content of ICN and more impressively the growth of Gerards Business Noble Manhattan.

As business and life coaches we all have our own unique coaching skills and perspectives on coaching. Regardless as to where we are in the world and what we coach, we all aspire to one greatly motivational  commonality – The Success of Our Clients!


“The Number One Magazine for Life and Business Coaching”

International Coaching News is an online magazine created by leading figures in the coaching world. It has been developed to aid everyone in all areas of coaching and personal development; provide essential information for any practising or future coach; and encourages visitors and subscribers to interact with us on general points of interest and suggestions.

International Coaching News is a quarterly online magazine which caters to a person’s need for self-development. ICN also delivers the latest news about the coaching world where coaches, future coaches and subscribers are always updated. With ICN, one will have the chances to read different perspectives in coaching, how and why coaching is disparate from counseling and therapy, and the profit one can gain with coaching not only as a way for personal development but also as a business advantage.


My Article – “The World is Smaller Than You Think”

My article is entitled “The World is Smaller Than You Think” and indeed it is. With the amazing changes in technology and advances in global reach potential. A business and life coach can now become a globally recognised coach wherever they are in the world.

I will be posing and answering some key questions and thought provoking ideas for you to take away  helping you to grow your own coaching business and indeed and more importantly – Your Company.

How do gain a global reach?
How can you bring businesses together to achieve globally recognised status?
Why you need to open your mind to new possibilities and potentials?
What will it take?
When can you start?
What are you waiting for?

Download my advertorial content when the 19th edition of ICN is published in December 2017.

But why wait until then? Register now to read and view all of ICN’s published digital magazines by clicking the link below.

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Looking Forward to the Future

I am looking forward to the future with an open mind, an open heart. A future where my life’s journey of the experiences of being in and around business and using my experience to help others succeed in their own business growth journeys.

Gerard and Sean thank you both for confirming that “The World is Smaller Than You Think”

Until we meet again..

It’s Your Time to Shine like a Diamond.


Regards and Best Wishes
Bradley Chapman 

Bradley Chapman

International Business Coach | Inspirational Speaker | Author | Broadcaster | Journalist | Sales Team Growth Specialist | Motivator

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