1986- The Youngest Blue Button with James Capel and Co

At a young age I had always dreamed of working on the London Stock Exchange as a Blue Button (runner). I used to jump school and head up on the underground just to watch all the hype and buzz of the trading floor (which closed in 1986). I knew that with my energy and my crazy […]

2008- So many people want to see you fail, why?

When you have an Entrepreneurial spirit you first visualise something in a dream or a flash and then having no regard for the damage your idea could or might cause you, you have to follow it through to fruition and reach realisation of your dream. If you are lucky enough to have a close and loving […]

2007- The Miracle

THE MIRACLE – I was driving north for an interview to join a large telecoms company as Sales Director. It was a big task, however the roll came with a six figure plus salary and the usual executive benefits. I was used to being a sharp shooter for large sales based organisations that had struggling sales team […]

2007- A friend made me realise that in order to help others you must first help yourself

I always took great pleasure in putting everyone first and i still take great pleasure in helping other people. I put everybody first for so may years that i totally forgot that actually , i was the most important person in my life.. My friend Catherine said to me “Unknown Entrepreneur, if you were on […]

1984- Entrepreneurial spirit starts at a young age

I always worked even as a young boy, cleaning cars, working on market stalls, selling music tapes and filling up the Cabbie’s at the local petrol station. In fact i would almost anything that could earn me a buck or two. I can remember going out on my bike riding down the hill with my […]

1997- Mr George Michael and The Spice Girls- how do you do?

1997 and It was the Help a London Child Awards, we were in a top London Hotel on a table of 10 very unique individuals. I was now a supplier to Capital Radio plc and had been invited with one of my work colleagues to attend and enjoy the awards. It was the year that […]

1995- Landing $2 Million of Unsecured Stock Funding Credit from a Broken Chair

My palms were sweating, my heart pounding, my nerves holding as i look across and gaze into the eyes of my Korean contact Mr Kim. He was a Global Director for a Korean Conglomerate that manufactured and exported just about everything from cars, wheat, grain, Military Weaponry, Tanks, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more importantly textiles. They […]

2008 It’s not how we fall It’s how we rise after falling

2008 It’s not how we fall It’s how we rise after falling by Bradley Chapman   You don’t have to wear a badge on your sleeve to have pride in who you are and what you dream and aspire to become. I guess the Million Impossible web site talks about “Dreams to Reality” and “Strength […]