2008- Million Impossible! Dreamers Dream it,The Thinkers Think It, Entrepreneurs Do It!

Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy job. We take risks, we face failure more times than we realise success and we go to hell and back trying to achieve it. The idea behind Million Impossible was very simple. Create a web site and unite Entrepreneurs together in the UK and then who knows the […]

2008-The Unknown Entrepreneur – Just the Beginning!

Good Morning Entrepreneurs and Readers My name is Bradley Chapman and today is the 12th May and it is two weeks until my 38th Birthday. I am The Unknown Entrepreneur. I came up with the idea for and created Million Impossible against all the odds and also being bankrupt. I have given up everything to help UK Entrepreneurs unite […]

1997- Advertising – The Way to Save Money

If you want to increase your advertising budget and get more bang for your buck then all you need do is be sly like a fox. Get your creative done and make sure that you have your artwork at the ready. Use a good ad agency and tell them that you only buy late space. […]

1998- Factoring and How it could Destroy You !

Of course factoring companies are the best way of releasing and increasing your cash flow for your business. Let’s face it at different times we all will require a cash injection whether that being raised through your existing debtors book or through capital injection..  Factoring companies are a great way to release up to 90% of […]