2008- Entrepreneurs, You don’t have to wear a badge on your sleeve to have Honour!

I have just returned from a great weekend in the Lake District and for the first time in my life have had a woman who cares very much about me treat me to a great time away with our 4 combined children. Well if the 6 hour drive there and back was not enough time […]

2008 – Credit Crunch? It’s time to get more bang for your buck!

With the Credit Crunch combined with recent fuel increases at nearly 30%  playing havoc on businesses up and down the country we have to ask ensure that we get More Bang for our Buck! After looking at the what i feel is the the most important aspect of being in business “Profitability” can we really stretch our […]

2008- Courage under Fire! Everybody wants to be an Entrepreneur.

Everybody wants to be an Entrepreneur. The idea of owning the title of ENTREPRENEUR fascinates everybody and equally excites and fires the courage within us all but very few who wish to have the title of ENTREPRENEUR actually know what to do let alone handle the pain the Entrepreneur’s are confronted with every day! Million […]

2008- People only see what they see and what they think they see and somewhere in between is the truth

Saturday 24th May was my 38th Birthday. I had dinner with family and friends at Down Hall Hotel in Hatfield Heath. I have been contemplating for a long time, in fact nearly two years. It has been nearly two years on from what i call D-Day, the day my life changed forever, a day from […]

2008- Clear Decisive Leadership “Cause and Effect”

They say that in the absence of a leader any man who stands up will be listened to. So what makes some leaders Inspirational whilst others stutter, flounder and fail to impress their audience and leave such little impact? I believe that decision making is the most import aspect of being a leader. If are […]

2008 – Business Start ups and their first offices

The business recently launched the second stage of web site development for www.millionimpossible.com and the new site has been well received and has so many new features including the new an exciting Mi Tube adition……. The business is now 6 months old and we are on the move to a new office. We had planned by this […]

Many of the 4 million expected UK Business Start Ups launching in the next 12 months will Fail? – Could their chances of success be increased?

It is expected that 4.7 million new businesses will be created during the next 12 months most dreaming of becoming the next Sir Alan Sugar, James Dyson or even Sir Richard Branson yet more than 90% will more than likely fail. The Credit Crunch, poor cash-flow, profitability, lack of knowledge, lack of experience combined with […]

2008- Million Impossible- Mi Tube Business Videos

Please visit www.millionimpossible.com to see the latest Mi Tube videos. We launched this section 3 weeks ago and its surprising how courageous you have to be to get behind the camera! In case i gave it a go – totally unscripted mind you!  We are trying to get Heidi to do one but she flatly […]

2008- Million Impossible! Dreamers Dream it,The Thinkers Think It, Entrepreneurs Do It!

Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy job. We take risks, we face failure more times than we realise success and we go to hell and back trying to achieve it. The idea behind Million Impossible was very simple. Create a web site and unite Entrepreneurs together in the UK and then who knows the […]

2008-The Unknown Entrepreneur – Just the Beginning!

Good Morning Entrepreneurs and Readers My name is Bradley Chapman and today is the 12th May and it is two weeks until my 38th Birthday. I am The Unknown Entrepreneur. I came up with the idea for and created Million Impossible against all the odds and also being bankrupt. I have given up everything to help UK Entrepreneurs unite […]

2008- What Credit Crunch? Great Free Business Advertising for Everyone!

Business Sourcer the FREE to advertise Business Internet Directory has announced that their advertising categories have been expanded to offer FREE UK WIDE advertising for the UK motoring industry. New motoring categories which have been added to the free advertising site include Accident Repair / Body Shops ,Car Audio ,Car Breakers and Dismantlers ,Car Mechanics […]