Make The News London Dream Big

  • June 28, 2017
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  • Crowne Plaza London Bridges Wharf, Battersea London, England SW11 3BE United Kingdom
  • 0800 6122 813

Event Description

Make The News – Dream Big! returns to London for another amazing evening where we showcase child entrepreneurs, helping make the world a better place from a young age. Our last event was a huge success and we are excited to make the next event even more memorable!


Join your main host Sabrina Ben Salmi and Marina Nani

Sabrina Ben Salmi

Sabrina is a proud mother of her “Fantastic 5”. She is the author of Lone Parenthood – Essential Tips on How To Create The Life You Deserve. She was inspired to write this because she grew up in a lone parent family and became a single parent herself at age twenty. She wanted to end “the negative mindset that people unknowingly imprison themselves in” and to tackle the negative stereotypes often associated with lone parenthood and to empower people to transform their lives.

Sabrina is a Radio W.O.R.K.S Show Host, Founder of The Mobile Single Parents Project and a multi-award winner as well as having a long list of credentials. 

With her family she has been featured on international media platforms (e.g. Raising CEO Kids, BBC London News, LBC Radio, Fabulous Magazine, The Metro and The Big Issue to name a few) for her work as a mother and with single parent families. This fortunately to caught the attention of The Secret Millionaire (Channel 4 show). She is a founding Director of the Harris Invictus Secondary School in Croydon which opened in September 2014, in partnership with Harris Federation. 

In 2011 she embarked on a journey of self discovery which lead to her being able to inspire others to achieve the same or better. “Financial, emotional and personal development education was the difference that made the difference to me, my family and those around me.” 

Sabrina is passionate about both social and youth entrepreneurship and is hugely inspirational as are her children. Lashai and Tray wrote Kidz That Dream BIG when they were just 11 and 7 and are now public speakers. 

Marina Nani

Founder of  Radio W.O.R.K.S. World- Broadcasting and Red Carpet Experiences, Make the News- Gala Events Worldwide, The Quantum of Light- Magazine for Authors and Author-to-be  and Sovereign- Magazine for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, Marina Nani is seen by others as an accomplished writer, but she sees herself as the GOOD NEWS CHANNEL.

WHY NOT! person, Marina Nani focus on delivering your unique content to a wide, receptive audience, to make the world a better place.

When she retired in 2012, she was fifty one years old and went away from home on a 1000 days book tour that turned to be a journey into serendipity. When Marina returned to London, she created an exceptional platform for story tellers, and in no time, the global family of Genius Farmers who gather together at Radio W.O.R.K.S. World to plant the seeds of Inner Greatness, is now the beginning of a new wave of Emotional Intelligence, The STARDUST Movement.

From where Marina Nani stands, the only story that matters is the story you tell yourself when nobody is listening. Her team of world class authors and speakers help you embrace your truth and endorse your own Vision, share your un- told story, discover your true worth, becoming your own spokesperson.

Being seen on the cover of magazines, being heard on radio and TV shows, being present on the red carpet, are just small hinges to swing big doors, the kind of doors that once open, they never close again: the doors to your own heart.

Ignored by the media?

Is your brand or company not getting the exposure it deserves? Are you not reaching your ideal clients?

Make your brand a success story with our monthly networking events where you can pitch your ideas to our panellists. Learn what approach best suits your PR needs. How to get publicity for yourself or your business and how to get media attention. Whether that is online, TV or print!

Connect with Brand Journalists and learn how to be featured in the media and get the coverage your brand deserves! Become the dynamic entrepreneur that journalists crave to meet and increase your exposure and visibility!

Whats Included

Speak On Stage!

As with all Make The News events, all attendees will have the opportunity to share their story on stage for up to 2 minutes. Please note we do not want a sales pitch, we want your story!

Professional Portraits

All attendees will have the opportunity to have professional portraits done on the red carpet so make sure you are dressed for it!

Diamond VIP

VIP Ticket holders will have the opportunity to speak on stage for a longer period!

All speeches will be recorded and made available to view online after the event as will all photos and portraits, use them to help your personal brand excel!

Dress Code

All our events are red carpet experiences so please attend in Black Tie attire.

Bradley came on just after Rachel Elnaugh, who you may know from series one of The Dragons Den. He came to the podium and almost instantly got over 250 people to their feet and asked them to start talking to each other. I have been to The British Library about eight times now to watch a number of great speakers and I have never seen anyone get 250 people to their feet like Bradley did and quite honestly I have never seen anything like it since- Awesome! The British Library Business and IP Centre

The British Library Business and IP Centre
Paul Davidson, Social Media Inc

Brad is a true professional, reliable and trust worthy. His clients come first. Highly recommended! Has a good business concept with his company – Simon Sugar CEO AMScreen

Simon Sugar
CEO , AMScreen

I attended a 2 day sales fundamentals course run by Bradley in summer 2016. I moved from a technical production role in brewing to a role with a sales focus on it and wanted to achieve a good foundation in the basics of sales theory and practice. Bradley was a very passionate tutor who guided us through some very important and valuable sales theory and techniques and catered well for a very diverse group on the course. During and following the course I felt very encouraged and motivated to improve a side of business that had previously been alien to me. Ultimately, I came out the course feeling increasingly confident that set me up well for further progress in a sales lead role. Bradley’s personality and experience was key to the success of the course and I would recommend him as a tutor in sales theory and practice – Robert Percival

Robert Percival
Technical Sales Manager, Lallemand




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