2008- People only see what they see and what they think they see and somewhere in between is the truth

Saturday 24th May was my 38th Birthday. I had dinner with family and friends at Down Hall Hotel in Hatfield Heath. I have been contemplating for a long time, in fact nearly two years. It has been nearly two years on from what i call D-Day, the day my life changed forever, a day from […]

2008 – Rachel Elnaugh- “Never Say Die”

Some people say, some people do. It’s what we do not say that should really be said Rachel – Thank you for talking to me about my current situation and the advice that you gave me. I feel quite naked right now, but i hope in some way that other entrepreneurs will find the comfort […]

2008 – The Making of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs start out with a big dream, a goal and a vision of what they hope to achieve or become. We all do it because deep inside us we have a burning desire to go it alone. Many of us have given up well paid jobs and a secure lifestyle to risk everything that we […]

2008-Her Name means – “NOBLE”

Do you have someone who shares your dreams, someone who, perhaps has experienced similar life pains to you yet fights the way that you do. Her name originates from Germany and it has the meaning of “NOBLE” and she definatley is… Everybody needs somebody that they can confide in, trust and take the journey together. […]