So you believe but are afraid to take the next steps

So you believe but are afraid to take the next steps So you believe but are afraid to take the next steps but It is only natural to feel this way. The way that you feel when you truly believe in something, when you truly feel that it is your destiny is like a bolt […]

2008 – Rachel Elnaugh- “Never Say Die”

Some people say, some people do. It’s what we do not say that should really be said Rachel – Thank you for talking to me about my current situation and the advice that you gave me. I feel quite naked right now, but i hope in some way that other entrepreneurs will find the comfort […]

2008-The Unknown Entrepreneur – Just the Beginning!

Good Morning Entrepreneurs and Readers My name is Bradley Chapman and today is the 12th May and it is two weeks until my 38th Birthday. I am The Unknown Entrepreneur. I came up with the idea for and created Million Impossible against all the odds and also being bankrupt. I have given up everything to help UK Entrepreneurs unite […]

2008- Reaching Boiling Point and knowing what to DO!

When things heat up around you and you find yourself reaching boiling point, there are only two eventualities (1) You reach boiling point and its lights out (2) You reach boiling point and turn it into your distinct advantage, but at what point do we decipher the difference between hanging in and fighting or realising […]

1986- The Youngest Blue Button with James Capel and Co

At a young age I had always dreamed of working on the London Stock Exchange as a Blue Button (runner). I used to jump school and head up on the underground just to watch all the hype and buzz of the trading floor (which closed in 1986). I knew that with my energy and my crazy […]