Entrepreneurs – Are you confident all of the time?

Good morning Everybody Interestingly i was talking to a business acquaintance the other day about confidence. Not just confidence in what we do and who we are but confidence in the advice that we give and whether that advice actually helps the person/ business that we offered it to? When Entrepreneurs feel good about themselves and they feel that […]

2008- People only see what they see and what they think they see and somewhere in between is the truth

Saturday 24th May was my 38th Birthday. I had dinner with family and friends at Down Hall Hotel in Hatfield Heath. I have been contemplating for a long time, in fact nearly two years. It has been nearly two years on from what i call D-Day, the day my life changed forever, a day from […]

2008- The Unknown Entrepreneur to Reveal Himself

Fellow Entrepreneurs We all choose to become Entrepreneurs without fully understanding exactly what we could be facing. I guess if you are like me then you enjoy challenges, love hard work and gave many things up along the way to realise your dreams, including money, love, family, friends and a life in general. I am […]

2008-Her Name means – “NOBLE”

Do you have someone who shares your dreams, someone who, perhaps has experienced similar life pains to you yet fights the way that you do. Her name originates from Germany and it has the meaning of “NOBLE” and she definatley is… Everybody needs somebody that they can confide in, trust and take the journey together. […]

2006 – The True Strength of a Man is Resisting Temptation

How many people truly have the strength not to say or disclose something even when it is directly affecting, hurting or damaging them? Instead they take it in the chin a protect the individual that has caused the issue in the first place… During 2006 i protected both a man and a woman from potentially […]