It only takes one Entrepreneur to start a fire

It only takes one Entrepreneur to start a fire It only takes one Entrepreneur to start a fire.  When i first decided that i would give up everything and start a business with just a shirt on my back i knew that i would face more adversity and go through more pain than ever before […]

Million Impossible increases Google Page Ranks

Over the week our web site Million Impossible and The Unknown Entrepreneur has received more pages being ranked by Google Page Rank. As you know Google ranks web site for importance, relevance and Links from 0 – 10 ten being the highest. Google Rank 4 Google Rank 3 – Google […]

2008 – Only Honest Entrepreneurs Need Apply

How many entrepreneurs right now across the world are having to make decisions that could either put them out of business or save their business? How many Entrepreneurs that are fighting to save their businesses are burying themselves in their problems and feel that are alone and that no one understands their problem? How many […]

2008 – Entrepreneurs- Have you got the Minerals?

How many people sit at their desks or behind the wheel of their car driving to work dreaming about becoming an Entrepreneur? How many people come up with the most amazing business concepts and ideas yet through circumstance, courage or know how never actually bring them to fruition? How many people given the right support, […]