2008 – Only Honest Entrepreneurs Need Apply

How many entrepreneurs right now across the world are having to make decisions that could either put them out of business or save their business? How many Entrepreneurs that are fighting to save their businesses are burying themselves in their problems and feel that are alone and that no one understands their problem? How many […]

2008 – Building a Business Network Website with Limited Capital

I guess that i could have taken a much easier route to potentially earn money but something inside me and i guess it’s the softer side of me or the human side that feels so deeply for all the budding and aspiring Entrepreneurs that do not quite make it and the pain that they go through during […]

2008 – The Making of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs start out with a big dream, a goal and a vision of what they hope to achieve or become. We all do it because deep inside us we have a burning desire to go it alone. Many of us have given up well paid jobs and a secure lifestyle to risk everything that we […]