2008 – Rachel Elnaugh- “Never Say Die”

Some people say, some people do. It’s what we do not say that should really be said Rachel – Thank you for talking to me about my current situation and the advice that you gave me. I feel quite naked right now, but i hope in some way that other entrepreneurs will find the comfort […]

2008-The Unknown Entrepreneur – Just the Beginning!

Good Morning Entrepreneurs and Readers My name is Bradley Chapman and today is the 12th May and it is two weeks until my 38th Birthday. I am The Unknown Entrepreneur. I came up with the idea for and created Million Impossible against all the odds and also being bankrupt. I have given up everything to help UK Entrepreneurs unite […]

1998- Factoring and How it could Destroy You !

Of course factoring companies are the best way of releasing and increasing your cash flow for your business. Let’s face it at different times we all will require a cash injection whether that being raised through your existing debtors book or through capital injection..  Factoring companies are a great way to release up to 90% of […]