Entrepreneurs – Face what you fear don’t be afraid

Entrepreneurs – Face what you fear don’t be afraid Entrepreneurs – Face what you fear dont be afraid.  I was talking to a close friend of mine this evening about something that is due to happen to him shortly. He said to me that he was unsure if what to do and that he has […]

Entrepreneurs – You will know what to do in the morning?

Entrepreneurs – You will know what to do in the morning? Entrepreneurs – You will know what to do in the morning?  They say that if you have a lot on your mind and you need to either make important decisions, decide which route or direction to take your business, that if you sleep on […]

The Secret Millionaire – Back to Reality

The Secret Millionaire – Back to Reality I was watching The secret Millionaire on TV last night and when i see the Millionaires giving out their hard earned money to worthy causes it always makes me cry.. Yes I’m a big softy at heart but it’s the impact that these Entrepreneurs can make on people’s […]

Entrepreneur Networking at it’s Best!

After spending what was quite a few months building a good working relationship with Rachel Elnaugh, she kindly  agreed to provide our new digital magazine with a cover story for the launch edition of the mag www.millionimpossiblemagazine.com (Thanks Rachel). Shortly after the magazine was published I received a call from Rachel’s publicist who then introduced […]

RAW Entrepreneur Magazine Goes Live Today – Featuring Rachel Elnaugh

The speculation of Million Impossible Plc’s on line magazine launch has created much interest with many businesses Pre-booking features within the online magazine months ago. The wait is now over as the 1st edition was released today. To read the magazine simply click the link to the magazine on the bottom right hand side of […]

If you are bankrupt it’s not the end of the line – What a difference a year can make!

Bankruptcy is not the end of the road in fact it is just the beginning for many of us. Million Impossible’s online business network started with one man’s dream to help Entrepreneurs overcome adversity even if they were starting from a position of bankruptcy and to provide a networking platform where all businesses could strategically […]

“Raw Entrepreneur” On-line Digital Magazine Launches today!

Million Impossible Entrepreneur and Business networking website www.millionimpossible.com has taken another great step forward today with the much anticipated launch of their new on line digital magazine “RAW ENTREPRENEUR” featuring Rachel Elnaugh former MD and owner of Red Letter Days – The Gift Experience Business which she built from scratch. Our magazine can be viewed […]

2008 – Credit Crunch? It’s time to get more bang for your buck!

With the Credit Crunch combined with recent fuel increases at nearly 30%  playing havoc on businesses up and down the country we have to ask ensure that we get More Bang for our Buck! After looking at the what i feel is the the most important aspect of being in business “Profitability” can we really stretch our […]

2008 – The Making of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs start out with a big dream, a goal and a vision of what they hope to achieve or become. We all do it because deep inside us we have a burning desire to go it alone. Many of us have given up well paid jobs and a secure lifestyle to risk everything that we […]