Diamond Business and Life Coaching School

The Diamond Business and Life Coaching School

You work a lifetime to learn and grow. To rise and fall, to get back up and in the process you begin to shine like a Diamond. Your dreams start to become a reality and your hard work, blood, sweat and tears start to pay off. You had an a calling to genuinely help others achieve their dreams through your dreams. You have become an experienced, heartfelt yet commercially driven life and business coach. You are now impacting the lives of others, you are standing on stage delivering one of the most inspiring talks of your life. Your clients have fallen in love with the person you are and the person they want to become. Your books and magazines are being purchased in countries around the World that you could not imagine. You are connected globally and you are touching and helping people around the world to achieve their dreams. You are broadcasting live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and your haven’t even started to become the best version of the coach that you are now destined to become.

“It’s Your Time to Shine” 


How to startup and grow your own coaching business, publish your first book and broadcast live to the World for under $500

Learn how to become an expert global business or life coach, a published author, inspirational speaker and coach your way to success. 90 Minutes Minutes of Diamond Startup Coaching With Bradley usually costs over $400. Limited Seats Available Reserve Your Place Now $ 49.00. Start Your Coaching Business. A complete live coaching webinar startup package and program that you can start immediately. Learn How to Grow Your Coaching Business Globally. With modern technology you can work with clients anywhere around the World. Learn From an International Business Coach. Tap into Bradley’s experienced coaching business which operates globally


Advanced Diamond Business and Life Coach Training

Once you have been through the Diamond Business and Life Startup Training School. You will now be ready to take on the next steps. This stage of your Diamond Coaching Training is the execution stage. This is where we will build you to become an expert in your chosen field of expertise. This is where we start to put in the work on for the FRONT FACING YOU. This is where we start to have fun and where you start to believe in yourself even more passionately than you did before. This where we start to polish and shape your very own Diamond. This is where you become the awesome coach that you have inside you. This is where you now start to attract clients and start to turn your skills and divine gift into helping others and generate the income that comes with being an awesome business coach.