Diamond Experience Programs

The Diamond Experience Programs

I have crafted The Diamond Experience over 30 years of business and life experiences that I have enjoyed and faced. My Diamond Experienced Programs have been created to enable you to achieve more, be more and feel more. You have a Diamond inside of yourself yet at times you will not know where to look for it and even if you do find your rough and “uncut” Diamond would you realise it’s full value to you?

When you reach a point in your mind that you become aware of the need for change the next step is where do I go to learn how to do it and then of course the fear and procrastination for change could ultimately set in and you are back to square one. During my life I have always pushed myself to develop my skill, knowledge and my attitude. This has made me who I am today. The Diamond Experience has been created for you. For businesses owners, teams, companies and individuals who realise and understand that motivated individuals, teams and companies will achieve a much higher level of personal and business success.

Destiny| Identity| Attitude| Mindset| Opportunity| Never give up| Delivery

When I take away all your fears about yourself, your career and your business and replace it with an understanding that you are a bright shining Diamond that has an ability beyond your wildest dreams. You will start to achieve more in your life, you will feel an abundance of happiness and your life will become the reality of what was once a dream.

I am The Diamond Maker and this is The Diamond Experience with Bradley Chapman. I look forward to welcoming you and helping you to discover your rough Diamond, how to shape it, how to polish it and in the process changing your life. It starts with you – Get up Show up Shine up and Discover the Diamond within You. It’s your time to shine.

With Best Wishes Bradley Chapman

The Diamond Experience Inspired One 2 One Coaching

The Diamond Experience one 2 one business growth coaching can be booked in hourly slots with a minimum of three hours commitment from you. This consists of 3×1 hour business strategy and personal growth coaching live sessions via telephone, zoom or your premises. If you or your business is based in Essex, London or the Home Counties a personal meeting can also be arranged.

During our calls which are confidential and operated under an NDS agreement we will discuss your personal and business strategy. We will explore growth opportunties for you to execute. I have been in business for over 30 years and have a vast range of business skills and expertise for your to call upon and utlilise in your life and business.

The Diamond Experience Group Coaching

The Diamond Experience Group Coaching Program has been created for business owners and their teams. Your team may not be performing at the levels that they could and more importantly than you need them to. My Group Diamond Experience Program enables you to choose up to 12 members of your executive, management or general staff business team to join The Seven Week Diamond Experience Group Program.

I come to your offices, coach and train the members of your team one day a week for seven weeks. During the Diamond Transformation Program your team will enter as pieces of coal and leave as bright shining Diamonds achieving a greater level of success and proftability within your business.

The Diamond Experience Seven Week Individuals Program

The Diamond Experience is a seven week program that has been crafted over 30 years of my Business and Life experiences. The Diamond Experience has been created for individuals, CEO’s, MD’s, Senior Management as well as Entrepreneurs that realise and recognise the need for change in themselves and their businesses.

The Diamond Experience is 7 step empowering seven week program for MD’s CEO’s, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs which covers. This program is a one to one personal and confidential program. 

Destiny| Identity| Attitude| Mindset| Opportunity| Never give up| Delivery

It’s time to discover your Diamond and in the process become inspired, motivated and passionate about life and business enabling you to engage with purpose. Email me now to check availability for the next course. Space is limited I am selective as to I help to transform. Unless you are open you will not change but when you are your new World of opportunity will be yours too shine in.

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