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The Diamond Experience

The Diamond Experience Transformation Program 2018 – Are You Ready to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level. Are you ready to change your life forever. Are you ready to face what you did not achieve in 2017. Are you ready to move your business and yourself forward into a skill and ability zone that you did not think previously possible?


Only 7 People Are Being Taken on January’s Course

Only seven people can sign up for the course at any one time. This is due to the intensive time that Bradley spends with you, transforming and coaching you to success.


The 21 Day –  Diamond Experience 2018 Program

There are seven learning and growth modules created to ultimately change the way that you SEE, HEAR, THINK and ACT in 2018. There is no other 21-day business transformation program on the market.


Who is The Program For?

Business Coaches Life Coaches
MD’s and CEO’s
Mid and Senior Level Managers
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
Employed to Self Employed (Your New Business)
Speakers and Transformation Specialists
Aspiring Authors
Aspiring Broadcasters
People with Positive Attitudes


How Long Does The Program Last?

The program consists of 21 days of intensive one to one coaching, personal and business coaching and growth training across the SEVEN MODULES of The Diamond Experience Transformation Program 2018.

My first seven DIAMOND EXPERIENCE course delegates will also be promoted and connected via THE DIAMOND SHOW and across all of my Social Media platforms and connections for 12 months.


The Magnificent Seven Diamond Experience 2018 Team (Jan 2018)

The first intake will be known as “The Magnificent Seven Diamonds”. My seven D.I.A.M.O.N.D’s will experience a life and business changing program that will ensure accelerated personal and business growth in 2018.


Your Diamond Experience Transformation Program 2018 Will Change Everything

D.I.A.M.O.N.D – Whas does it stand for and how will the transformation program help you to excel in business? The Diamond Experience Transformation Program 2018 consists of seven learning, growth and personal development modules created and crafted over a 30 year international business career by Bradley Chapman.


Seven Life Changing Skill Knowledge and Attitude Modules Created to Change The Way You See, Think and Act to Excel Your Business in 2018. 

D – Destiny (Your destiny is what you believe it is. Learn how to make your destiny become your reality)
I – Identity (Understand who you truly are and unless the hidden Diamond potential inside you and your business)
A – Attitude (Learn how to shape and mould your attitude to attract clients, contacts and global connectivity)
M – Mindset (Discover how to embrace your mindset to enable you to discover, grow and achieve excellerated business success).
– Opportunity (How to create opportunity, capitalise on it and know the difference between benefit opportunity and dead enders).
N – Never Giving Up (Adopt a never giving up attitude ensuring that all and any obstacles can be overcome).
D – Delivery (Learn how to get yourself and your business noticed delivering with passion and purpose).


What Do You Get?


12 Hours of one to one Business Coaching during the first 21 days

3 x Broadcasts on The Diamond Show International FB Live Show

7 x Modules for the D.I.A.M.O.N.D Experience (SEE ABOVE)

Promotions Across all Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)

A Fully Bespoke Course Tailored to You and Your Business Sector/Market

Full Business Outline Review and Action Plan to Excel in 2018

Marketing Plan and PR Rollout

Global Connectivity – The World is Smaller Than You Think

Part of The Magnificent SEVEN DIAMOND EXPERIECNE 2018 Team

Introduction to Influencers Around the World

Interviewed as a contributor to my 2nd Book “A World of Business – The World is Smaller Than You Think” Launching on Amazon end of January 2018

How to Spend Less and Grow More (Brads free tools, tips to Grow)

1st February – Group Broadcast on THE DIAMOND SHOW to share and show your transition


The First Magnificent DIAMONDS (Jan 2018) will also receive a BONUS OFFER of 2 hours of coaching (review and assessment and re-engagement) for 3 months consisting of two hours per month. An extra 6 hours of business coaching worth over 1200 USD.


Course Total Value and Cost

All the course content and coaching fees combined costs totals over $8000. I have spent 30 years in business and spent literally Millions of Pounds on my personal and business development. The 21-day Diamond Experience 2018 Transformation Program is like no other program on the UK and International Market.

Total Program Value totals over USD 8000

21 Day Program Cost is Only 1795 USD





Bradley Chapman Has 30 Years UK and International Business Experience

Bradley is an international business coach, inspirational public speaker, published author and international broadcaster and people connector.

Bradley has traded with, worked with and interviewed many UK and World thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners. He has worked with clients such as Walt Disney, Coca Cola and Chelsea FC. He has interviewed high profile entrepreneurs both as a former journalist and International broadcaster including:- Bernie Swain, Caprice Bourret, Levi Roots, Duncan Bannatyne, Brad Sugars, Dr John Demartini, Charlie Mullins and many more.



Have You Watched The Video Introductions to The Seven Modules?

You may have watched Bradley’s seven module introduction videos to The Diamond Experience. If not you can catch up below to fully understand the power of the program, what it means and more importantly how it will help you to excel in business in 2018.



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