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I have spent 47 years on my Diamond Journey of Discover. At many times in my life I questioned myself and the challenges that I faced during my Diamond Journey and I can promise you that it has not been easy. Since a young boy and as far back as I can remember my mind gas always been filled with positivity and I was always attracted to people and their behaviours.What drives one person to seek out and embrace new opportunities challenges whilst another person sits back or is held back and never truly embraces the Diamond Opportunity that they have right in front of them.

If you have tried and failed or you are successful and you wish to develop yourself even further then my book is for you. If on the other hand you have been held back by other people and limitations of your own beliefs then read, absorb and transform yourself from a piece of coal into a bright and shinning diamond. I can promise you this. If you have the courage to take the first step then your life will change, you will change and everything that you once thought was impossible becomes possible. You already have a diamond within you. I will help you find it and coach support and train your mind to realise that when your current circumstances are not your future reality.

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Bradley Chapman is the founder and creator of The Diamond Experience Business Development Programs and Inspired Events. He is a published author, radio show host and broadcaster, motivational and inspirational public speaker, business coach and business networking specialist. Bradley has interviewed, worked with and supplied High Profile Entrepreneurs, business owners and companies across the globe. In 1988 at the age of eighteen years of age he started his first business. It is through this amazing journey of learning and continually developing himself that his Diamond knowledge of life and business has been crafted.

His new book Get Up Show up Shine up and The Diamond Experience with Bradley Chapman is just the start of his journey in helping, coaching and supporting people to discover the Diamond within them. Bradley’s mission is help as many people that he can to discover the diamond within themselves and then the most fabulous and exhilarating work starts as you start to shape and polish your stone into the Brightest Shining Diamond that You can be.

Bradley’s inspiration and passion to help business owners increase their own personal skill knowledge and attitudes as we as inspiring his client’s teams and businesses is a totally inspirational story of never giving up!

There’s a lot to Mr. Bradley Chapman. He LIVES Business. And, even more, he LOVES Business people. Real, informative, caring, honest…the best thing about Bradley & The Diamond Show is…no fluff & no pretentiousness. Just like Bradley himself! Work hard. Lend a helping hand. Offer a wealth of knowledge & sage advice. That’s Bradley Best Wishes Scott Ragain EG Media USA

Scott Ragain
Scott Ragain
President , EG Media USA

You would be hard pressed to find a business coach with more enthusiasm, passion, and energy than Bradley. Just by listening to him, you’ll get valuable insight that most so-called “experts” don’t or won’t tell you. He’s well worth following and watching. So glad I connected with him – Tim Burt

Tim Burt
Tim Burt
President , Tim Burt Media

Bradley is very passionate about the world of business and most importantly the people in it. He has a tremendous wealth of experience that he now enjoys to share with others. His enthusiasm, ideas and personality i’ve seen turn business around overnight and set the scene of future success – Thanks for your help Bradley

Lee Parsons
Lee Parsons
Director , Site Labour Supplies Ltd

Bradley came on just after Rachel Elnaugh, who you may know from series one of The Dragons Den. He came to the podium and almost instantly got over 250 people to their feet and asked them to start talking to each other. I have been to The British Library about eight times now to watch a number of great speakers and I have never seen anyone get 250 people to their feet like Bradley did and quite honestly I have never seen anything like it since- Awesome! The British Library Business and IP Centre

The British Library Business and IP Centre
Paul Davidson, Social Media Inc

Brad is a true professional, reliable and trust worthy. His clients come first. Highly recommended! Has a good business concept with his company – Simon Sugar CEO AMScreen

Simon Sugar
CEO , AMScreen

I attended a 2 day sales fundamentals course run by Bradley in summer 2016. I moved from a technical production role in brewing to a role with a sales focus on it and wanted to achieve a good foundation in the basics of sales theory and practice. Bradley was a very passionate tutor who guided us through some very important and valuable sales theory and techniques and catered well for a very diverse group on the course. During and following the course I felt very encouraged and motivated to improve a side of business that had previously been alien to me. Ultimately, I came out the course feeling increasingly confident that set me up well for further progress in a sales lead role. Bradley’s personality and experience was key to the success of the course and I would recommend him as a tutor in sales theory and practice – Robert Percival

Robert Percival
Technical Sales Manager, Lallemand

This guy is like a puppy with a new bone. He is unpredictable and I just love his open style. He grabbed me and got me up the front in front of all of these people and at first my legs were shaking and my heart was pumping but he then held my hand and a rod of confidence came over me and I spoke to all the delegates and after the show I decided to do some of my own speaking engagements about overcoming fear of rejection – Go Bradley Go! Kent2020 Show Delegate

Kent2020 Show Delegate
Delegate, Kent2020

Bradley is engaging, passionate, insightful and a humorous speaker. He has great and personal insight into business and wealth of anecdotes having interviewed many of our top businesses leaders – Phil Hall MD PHA Media and Former Editor News of The World

Phil Hall

I recommend Bradley. Motivation plays an important part in any business owner’s career and if you are struggling to find yours call Bradley and he will fill you with energy that you can turn into bolts of lightning to positively impact your business. Charlie Mullins – MD Pimlico Plumbers – (Prince’s Trust – Enterprise Fellow)

Charlie Mullins
Managing Director, Pimlico Plumbers