The Diamond Show

The Diamond Show connects your and your business globally with business people, customers, new audiences and connections around the World via live streaming on Facebook and extensive posts across multiple social media channels including Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and via UK and International press releases.

Bradley has been a successful business magazine editor, journalist, public speaker as well as an experienced business coach for many years. His passion is in helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow and succeed in business is unprecedented. His global live stream broadcasts which he hosts under The Diamond Show have been hugely successful. He recently appeared in International Coaching News Magazine and is recognised as an expert in business coaching and global connectivity. He is also a published author and has been nominated for two awards in 2017 as well as being listed as a leading global broadcaster on the BeLive TV platform.

Bradley's High Profile Global Interviews

Bradley Chapman interviews high profile entrepreneurs, business leaders and transformational thinkers around the World on The Diamond Show. Recent interviews have included Bernie Swain founder of The Washington SPeakers Bureau, Brad Sugars founder of ActionCoach and Sean Mulroney President of Teens of America and founder of The Obesity Revolution as well as Tim Burt from the USA and Jolly Uncle from India.

Bradley’s engaging and passionate interview style has attracted high profile entrepreneur interview into his life with an amazing range of diversified entrepreneurs from around the World. Bradley has also had the great pleasure to have previously interview David Gold, Richard Farleigh, Jacqueline Gold, Levi Roots, Charlie Mullins, Major James Hewitt, Brad Sugars, Phil Hall, Max Clifford and Caprice Bourret as well as everyday business owners and entrepreneurs across the world. Over recent weeks Bradley has delivered interview with entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and thirteen other countries around the World.Bradley continues to interview entrepreneurs and business leaders around the World.

Bradley has interviewed business leaders in over a dozen countries. The Diamond Show has received 100,000’s of views, 10,000’s of comments and real connectivity in over 25 countries around the World. His motivational and down to earth style coupled with his unique global business experience helps his known and unknown interviews and audience connect with the World is a new and inspiring way.

The Diamond Show is broadcast on Bradley’s Facebook page The Diamond Show and previously at start up stage on his personal Facebook timeline.  Bradley interview inspirational and motivational entrepreneurs, business owners authors and public speakers from around the World.

Connecting You and Your Business Globally

The Diamond Show has a Global audience, from the Europe to the USA, Australia and beyond. Bradley’s connect his guests and audience Globally. The World is Smaller Than You Think. Being seen on the Diamond Show instantly connects you and your business to a new global audience that will engage and connect with you and help you to accelerate your global visibility.

Global Social Media Marketing Exposure

The Diamond Show interviews and content are broadcast initially on Facebook. The shows and broadcasts are also added to a wide range of Bradley’s social media accounts including:- Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and various PR sites in the UK and around the World. The Diamond Show is seen by thousand of viewers, watchers and has a global audience engagement and connectivity levels.

Book Your Slot on The Diamond Show

If you would like to book a slot on Bradleys Diamond Show and gain global exposure for your, your brand and your company please click the button below. You can choose from four options created to give you increased levels of promotions and visibility. Bradley also coaches and mentors his clients that wish to start their own show and broadcast their story to the World.

The Diamond Show - Broadcasting Media Options

One Carat Diamond Show Broadcast (Entry)


30 Minute Live Broadcast on The Diamond Show Facebook Page
Pre-Broadcast Promotion across Bradley’s Social Media Channels
Image Logo and Event Image Creation + Posting
Broadcast Blog Article on
Post-Broadcast Promotion across Bradley’s Social Media Channels
Broadcast Posted to a Selective Range of Facebook and Linked Groups
Broadcast Video Available for Lifetime Viewing Across all Bradley’s Social Media Channels

PRICE £147


Two Carat Diamond Show Broadcast (Most Popular)


All One Carat Broadcast Items +
Extended 45 Minute Live Broadcast
Facebook + Social Media Tagging into all Diamond Show Broadcasts for 4 weeks
UK and International Press Release Created for the Interview

PRICE £199


Three Carat Diamond Show Broadcast (Advanced Exposure)


All One Carat Broadcast Items +
Extended 45 Minute Live Broadcast
Follow Up 2nd 45 Minute Update Broadcast 2 Weeks After Initial Broadcast
1 x Invite to Appear as a Diamond Show Guest Alongside another International Broadcast

PRICE £299




Click the Book Now Button and Choose Your Diamond Show Broadcast Exposure Level. Once You Have Booked and Paid for Your Show Bradley Will Contact You to Book a Time for Your Broadcast. The Diamond Show is Broadcast on a 24 Hour Time Zone to Suit Your Location. Whether You are From Australia, India, UK, USA, Europe, The Middle East of Far East – Your Diamond Show Broadcast Will Be Aired at Your Chosen Time Zone.